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According to ancient texts, Tho'th was one of a group of nine mysterious godlike visitors who came to Egypt over 12,000 years ago.  By one version of lore, he was Atlantean.


Tho'th invented hieroglyphs, the picture writing of Ancient Egypt. He was the measurer of the earth and the counter of the stars, the keeper and recorder of all knowledge. the inventor of writing and author of the Emerald Tablet. 


Tho’th has been the guiding energetic force for Myrrh in the creation of Sacred Sound and visionary/hermetic art since 2002, when she first began receiving and drawing sacred symbols and glyphs.

Between 2002 - 2007, Myrrh received “initiations,” in several ways, and direction that she was a "carriers" of these knowledge frequencies.  During this period, Myrrh received detailed information that filled several journals - about evolution, frequencies, diagrams, glyphs, symbols, language, words, sounds.  This information would take a number of years for her to absorb and learn to work with


Myrrh was directed to share knowledge frequencies with individuals in simple forms of symbols/glyphs, color and sound. In 2009, these became The InnerVision Heart Navigation® card deck, which is now available for purchase. Click here to visit the InnerVision Heart Navigation page for information on this transformational life tool.


The ancients, such as the Egyptian adepts and High Priests, and others knew this as the Language of Light, is a creative vibration or frequency, essentially the Language of the Creation, which embodies the Fibonacci scale, the Golden Mean, the Codes of Creation. It is the creative source of our human design, yet because of our current human perceptive abilities, we perceive these as separate components - Light, Color, Sound, Symbology/Glyphs, words, tones - rather than as one single Universal frequency or "language." 


This Language can be used for deep reconfiguration and transformation, personal and planetary, as well, and can be used to assist in the acceleration of our human evolution, to purify our waterways, to restore us to health and well-being. Because the Divine Constellation of all things resides within us, this frequency and knowledge are available to anyone who desires to access the frequency within them.

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