- How am I feeling?

- What am I feeling?

- Do I know why I am feeling this way?

- What is this trying to tell me?

- What do I believe about how I feel?

- Is this related to something deeper? (Ask to be shown)

- What do I need to see, feel, hear and know right now?

- Try the free Heart Practice below!

This is a sweet little Heart Opening Practice to use anytime you feel overwhelmed, confused, sad.

Hello Glorious Ones!


Archangel Zadkiel pointed out some things to share.  


-It's the active experience of BEING PRESENT WITH EACH OTHER IN THE CRADLE OF INTENTION that creates the energy of change. This our interaction CLEARS and CHARGES our energy fields! 


-We lose a deep sense of community, and a deep sense of ourselves when our human touch level is absent. Depression and anxiety rates are up. Drug and alcohol use is up. Suicide cases are up. Physical abuse cases are up. WE NEED EACH INTERACTION WITH OTHER! 


ZOOM's valuable for bringing us together. Gathering together LIVE is SO important and powerful, to be in the COLLECTIVE LIGHT. I recently attended a global ZOOM meditation with over 10K attendees! It was SO powerful to be in a huge field of humans holding an energy of intent. I didn't need to listen to the recording later. I just closed my eyes and remembered my experience to be back in it.

It's our active group energy/love most that powerfully carries our intention out into the world. It's important we are PRESENT with each other (remotely) REAL TIME, as much as we can. We create a POWERFUL energy vortex as a group.

I urge everyone to attend LIVE in the following ZOOM events to get the most out of them. And as a long-time facilitator, truthfully the time investment to create and plan these events is significant. It means very much when people show up, truly want and value the LIVE experience. Thank you for those who do. 


Register below for these free events. Everyone will receive the video for the Violet Flame workshop. NO videos will be done in the Resonant ReStructuring and the InnerVision groups to maintain privacy of attendees. 




Many years ago, in my early studies of Sound, Energy and esoteric learning, I learned about the Violet Flame of Transformation and Ascended Master Saint Germain.


The real person, Comte (Count) Saint Germain, is written about in history books. He was a master of many things, and a mystery to many in 18th century European courts. He was an alchemist, a seer, and member of the Great White Brotherhood - a, alchemist, a peacemaker who tried to warn of the French Revolution, to awaken many to the their higher path, tolerance and freedom. And Saint Germain is the Ascended Master who revealed the Violet Flame to mankind.

With the current political upheaval, the schemes, dishonesty and distrust, and the growing anger and unrest on our Beloved Mother Earth, Archangel Zadkiel, who is the Steward of the Violet Flame, has asked me to share this beautiful tool of TRANSFORMATION as much as possible and on a much broader scope, as it is very important that individuals begin to actively work with this tool to help transform the current personal and planetary energies to a more peaceful state. 


This amazing tool is simple and easy to use and its effects are profound - on ourselves, and in groups, situations, and populations.  It works in the past, present and future and can be used with any other healing modality as well.

In this hourlong workshop, I'll share the history of the Violet Flame and we'll dive in to learn to use this powerful tool of transformation to keep our selves, our homes, families clear and safe, and how to help transform our world, defuse and ease global situations. And BRING LOVE BACK TO OUR PLANET. We'll connect powerfully with Archangel Zadkiel, who is the steward of the Violet Flame, and learn how to work with him. We'll learn the powerful invocation of the Violet Flame which can be done anywhere, anytime this amazing tool is needed. All attendees will receive a JPG of the above painting of the Violet Flame, which is imbued with the Violet Flame frequency.

This is a free class. Because of the nature of this workshop, the recording is provided to attendees only. This class will be offered on a regular basis. Check back for upcoming dates in December, January, February. SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS!! Let's build a huge community of change makers! 

DATE/TIME: Tuesday, November 17, 2020 6PM Pacific/9 PM Eastern


ZOOM LINK:       Register in advance for this meeting:



CONJURING JOY! Crafting Your JOY-FULL Self-Care Practice© 

Free Intro Workshop - COMING 2021

Struggling? Feeling lost, finding yourself back in destructive patterns, don't know what you need or how to find it and move forward? Come explore your inner world, discover hidden inner resources, and see the next steps to head powerfully in your next best direction.

Our subconscious patterns help us “cope” in difficult times. They feel "familiar." We can’t always see these patterns when we feel “unsafe” because these patterns are there to protect us from “discovery.” But if we are "off the path" in our safe unconscious place, how do we know what to do that doesn't recreate the same unconscious actions?


Into our unconscious space is exactly where we need to go, with EYES WIDE OPEN, in order to see how we are acting, what we are feeling, and underneath all of it, what we are BELIEVING. From that place, we can begin to find the JOY! 


Join me for a free introductory ZOOM workshop exploring what tweaks us, what rules us, what happens and where we go when "the fog rolls in." We'll explore ideas and basic tools for your Emotional Self-Care Toolbox to "unhook" and GO FORTH into Joy! 

You will receive the ZOOM video for your future reference. You will also be able to attend the two-module CONJURING JOY! workshop series starting in November.

-CONJURING JOY! Free Introductory Workshop

Next date coming in 2021

When you've registered you'll have access to the online event page. Click on ACCESS THE EVENT button to access the ZOOM link. 


CONJURING JOY! Crafting Your JOY-FULL Self-Care Practice© 

- Two-Module Workshop

Self-care Tools for your Emotional Self-Care Toolbox to "unhook" and go forth into JOY! 

When you blend deep inner inquiry with effective self-care tools, you create a powerful, CHANGEABLE practice for your Self-Care of Body, Mind and Spirit. When you deal with the "inner" you can heal the "outer."

This two-module customized ZOOM workshop series explores your needs, applicable practices and also teaches those YOU want to use, plus others you can draw upon any time. Our needs change throughout life, and it's so important to have powerful resources to help us through unexpected difficulties. Taught in a small group format of ten participants, the curriculum is tailored to the needs of all attendees. When you sign up for this two module series, you will receive a questionnaire that will help Myrrh tailor the two modules specifically to YOUR needs. 


This series covers basics of energy, sound, emotional inquiry, and more, to stay grounded, healthy, and emotionally well during this continuing stressful time and going forward. With the basics presented, you'll have practices that really helps you personally, opening doors to further study if you choose. 

-DATES: Next Dates coming 2021







When you've registered, you'll also receive an email questionnaire identifying your most pressing needs and defining what you most want to receive from the workshop. Please respond and return by NOON Wednesday, November 5, to make sure all requests are accommodated in the second module on November 15. 


DISCLAIMER: Participants will receive the audio and video recordings of these modules. These recordings are for PARTICIPANT USE ONLY. By registering for this workshop, you agree to maintain the confidentiality of all attendees, the confidentiality of all information shared within the groups, and to use the presented information and practices shared for YOUR USE ONLY. They are not to be shared with others in any manner.


-Crafting Your Self-Care Practice - An Exploration of Needs

Subconscious patterns help us “cope” in difficult times. They feel "familiar" and they protect us from “discovery. Stillness is essential to hear that small, still voice of guidance within us, to receive the information we need from within. There are many ways to accomplish this. We will journey into our deepest parts to see what we need. We'll explore and learn basic practices of Grounding, Centering and Energy, Sound. All of these are vital for creating and maintaining a Grounded Center of Stillness that can be accessed anywhere, any time. We will explore some simple ways of working with Universal Energy to help bring us back and stay in balance and more!


-Refining Your Self-Care Practice for NOW and Beyond

In this second module, we delve into the questions and specific needs from the responses attendees (anonymously) gave to the registration questions. From this discussion we will refine what we've learned and attendees will create a "customized" Self-Care Practice that can also be changed as needs change. 

Questions about this course? Email Myrrh HERE 




​We offer readers and potential students the traditional history and roots of Reiki here to offer the context of why we teach it as a core part of the Energy Training that we offer. 

Reiki is a spiritually-based system of working with energy whose roots are well over 2,500 years old and embody the original traditional teachings of early Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism. It is the oldest known form of Reiki and the source of all other systems of Reiki, migrating from Tibet and India to Southeast Asia and China, then to Japan via Buddhist lamas and adepts.


Usui references the specific lineage of this form of Reiki, named for founder Dr. Mikao Usui, a Buddhist and Doctor of Theology who rediscovered this system from texts originating from Gautama Buddha, and began sharing it with his students as a complementary therapy to treat physical, emotional, and mental diseases. Sources report that Dr. Usui taught Reiki to over 2000 people during his lifetime, sixteen of whom continued their training to reach the equivalent to our Western third degree, or Master level.


Mrs. Hawayo Hiromi Takata, a Japanese-American born in Hawaii, helped introduce Reiki to the US. bringing it to Hawaii, where she taught until her death in 1980. It's not known how many students she taught, however, within the tradition, she is sometimes known as Reiki Grand Master Teacher Hawayo Takata. The American Reiki Association, Inc. was formed by Mrs. Takata in the final year of her life, 1980, together with Dr. Barbara Weber Ray, one of her students. 

Dr. Usui's original Reiki manuscript, found in 1994, cited the origins to be from Gautama Buddha and the Buddhist text, Tantra of the Lightning Flash. References have been made its origins being the way of healing practiced by Jesus. It is assumed, however, that Mrs. Takata created this reference to make Reiki more palatable and acceptable in the US.


​We are naturally connected to Life-enhancing energy - the Universal Life Force - the energy from which everything flows and is part of. In our modern world, our perception of this connection can become weaker as the busy-ness of our external world takes precedence as "reality." Reiki, which means Universal Life Force Energy in Japanese, is an amazing method/practice to learn to reconnect on a deeper level to the Love that is the source of all life, to navigate more gracefully the creativity and purpose of our life. Rather than being just for "hands on healing," this practice deepens our awareness of the animating part of everything in our world that is always available for our well-being, the "inner well" from which our creativity flows and in the many ways that shows up for us. 

We include Usui Reiki as a core offering because of its ancient, undiluted teachings as well as the rigorous attention to keeping intact the purity of this lineage's teaching and information. 

Connection to the spirit of life is one of life's many gifts for all of us. The deeper the connection, the easier life flows, enhancing everything positive that we already do for ourselves. For that reason, Reiki is shared from the perspectives of an artist, musician, writer and "healer" offering this class for all individuals, especially creatives. Everything is naturally connected to the Creative Life Force and so we share from a place of no boundaries or labels of any offering being "spiritual" or otherwise.

I hope you will join us in becoming part of this beautiful practice and lineage. 


All of Life flows from Universal Energy - the Feminine Creative Force that animates us and all living things. As creators and nurturers of this Feminine force, women hold the key to healing of our world.


This Level I introductory workshop teaches you how to consciously connect to, strengthen and work with this flow of Life Force in all areas of your life through the practice of Usui Reiki. An ancient form of Reiki, some claim it to be the original form of energy healing, has been passed down through a lineage originated in sacred texts written by the Buddha. (See first few paragraphs on this page for history).


A significant part of this class is the energetic attunement, which opens and strengthens all of your energy channels to a deeper awareness, clears and aligns your chakras, and thus enhances your own health, well-being, intuition, personal energy and inner guidance. This beginning Level I workshop has an energetic focus on self-healing, specifically healing the physical body, and can help you more easily manage stress, ease depression and pain, and help heal physical issues.


No previous experience, special knowledge or abilities are needed to learn this. Most of you will "remember" this practice on a cellular level. We will spend a lot of time working with this energy and how it can be used in many different life perspectives. This class includes the Level I energetic attunement, the traditional Reiki lore and teachings, learning the basic hand positions used for self healing, heightened awareness of energy in the body, practice time, study of the chakras, auric fields, and a beautiful Reiki Certificate suitable for framing. 


You will also receive the book, "Essential Reiki: A Complete Guide To An Ancient Healing Art," by Diane Stein. This manual goes deeply into Usui Reiki and is invaluable to those who wish to learn the basics as well as go further to higher levels in their study and for teaching. 


There is room in this workshop for 4 women.


TUITION: $155 in advance.

You may pay by credit card, personal check or cash. Credit card payments add $3.50 per transaction.


To pay by cash or check please contact Myrrh directly at  NOTE: There is a $25 Returned Check fee.




- TO PAY BY CREDIT CARD: $155 plus $3.50 added per

transaction for credit card fees.

Please Note: There are no refunds on tuition unless the class is canceled or rescheduled. If you are unable to attend, your tuition payment is applied to the next Level I Usui Reiki workshop. 

My Reiki Journey: I have gratefully studied Usui Reiki and served as a Master/Teacher since Jan, 2002. The study of Usui Reiki was and continues to be my magnificent opening into alternative healing and medicine, and deeper spirituality. I have had so many incredible openings and healings since I began studying. And study of this modality is an ongoing, life-long journey. One thing I learned is that the more we let this energy "become" us, the deeper we go into the creative healing space and abilities of Source within us. When it "becomes" us, we embody healing energy for ourselves, others and Earth, just through who we are, just through intention. It becomes effortless. While I am studied and certified in many other healing modalities and practices, Usui Reiki remains my cornerstone and the most authentic energy healing modality I teach for individuals to begin their own energy healing journey and practice. I have taught this modality since 2003 and I will continue to teach it for the rest of my days.

This weekend workshop intensive immersion for women will take you into the Practitioner and Master/Teacher levels of Usui Reiki. These levels go much deeper into consciously and intentionally working with Reiki - Universal Life Force energy - in all facets of life. In each of these two days, students receive the attunements of greater awareness and flow of this energy, and the symbols that are appropriate for each level being studied. Much attention will be spent learning and working with these new symbols, practicing distance healing and practicing passing attunements. 



- Weekend Workshop will accommodate 4 individuals

- More Info forthcoming after quarantine is over

Felted Healing Crystal Energy Balls - An Intuitive Art Class
Private Hendersonville, NC Studio
$ includes instruction, meditation, snacks and tea and all supplies and materials needed to create four Felted Healing Crystal Energy Balls

Do you know someone needing prayers or good intentions who would love a physical healing representation filled with your love and energy? Or maybe you would like a new meditation tool?

This super fun and energy immersive class introduces you to the easy and wonderfully sensory art of felting, which uses wool fibers called roving, hot water, olive oil soap and friction or rubbing, to compact fibers into a shape, in this case a ball. And if you are new to energy healing, it also teaches you how to work with energy intentionally by "sending" it into your creation and imbuing your balls with it. Each ball will be felted around a powerful seed crystal point that has been cleared,  energized and is ready for your specific intention/prayer and energy. We will start with the basics of felting, then enter into a meditation to put us all "in the mood" and then we will felt away. 

You will have a choice of wool colors to use for your creations. You will also receive two organza gift bags for gifting your felted balls, plus extra wool and extra crystals so you can create a couple of felted balls at home. 

All supplies, snacks and tea provided. Six spots available in this class. 


Disclaimer for Holistic Services offered by Myrrh (Melinda A.) de Marmion and Creative Divine Studios:​

The Sound, Energy and intuitive therapies that are offered by Myrrh (Melinda A.) de Marmion and Creative Divine Studios are natural methods of energy balancing, but they are not meant as or claimed to be substitutes for medical, or psychological, diagnosis and treatment.

As a Sound, Energy and Intuitive practitioner, I am not a licensed medical doctor, chiropractor, osteopathic physician, naturopathic doctor, nutritionist, pharmacist, psychologist, psychotherapist, or other formally licensed healthcare professional, practitioner or provider of any kind. I do not render medical, psychological, or other professional advice or treatment, nor provide or prescribe any medical diagnosis, treatment, medication, or remedy, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.

Sound, Energy, and Intuitive therapies, or any other natural healing therapy or modality, should not compete with medical doctors and their treatments. All therapies offered by Myrrh (Melinda A.) de Marmion and by Creative Divine Studios are meant only to complement medical treatments. We strongly recommended you see a licensed physician, GP or other licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment whether it be acute or chronic that you may be suffering from or suspect that you may have.


We are not liable for any issue resulting from failure to disclose a pre-existing condition that has or has not been diagnosed or treated by a medical professional. New clients requesting private sessions and attendance at private and group workshops will be required to sign a waiver of treatment acknowledging the above disclaimer. In no event can Myrrh (Melinda A.) de Marmion or Creative Divine Studios be held liable in anyway directly or indirectly for damages resulting from misinformation or failure of disclosure of pertinent information is regard to pre-existing conditions that preclude receiving any of these natural therapies or attending any of the workshops, etc. offered herein.

New clients requesting private sessions will be required to sign a waiver of treatment acknowledging the above disclaimer. In no event can Myrrh (Melinda A.) de Marmion or Creative Divine Studios be held liable in anyway directly or indirectly for damages resulting from misinformation or failure of disclosure of pertinent information is regard to pre-existing conditions that preclude receiving any of these natural therapies or attending any of the workshops, etc offered herein.


Privacy/Confidentiality Policy for Subscribers of Creative Divine Studios, and Participants of Private and Group Events and Services. 


To the best of our ability, Myrrh (Melinda A.) de Marmion and Creative Divine Studios do not share personal information of subscribers and participants and we absolutely DO NOT SELL any of this information to any entity, period. 


For participants of group sessions, there may be times when emails need to be sent to the members of a group/workshop and we do our very best to bcc all recipients. We ask that all participants, the confidentiality and feelings of all participants, are honored and the confidentiality of any information shared during any even be honored. Everyone must feel safe and we must be respectful, kind and uphold each other. Any videos shared with you from any program are for YOUR USE ONLY and you MAY NOT share this information outside of the group for any reason.

You may contact Myrrh with questions directly: Please remember that Internet e-mail is not secure and you may wish to take steps to encrypt sensitive or confidential materials before sending them on the Internet.

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