How to Restructure Your Inner Self...

To truly THRIVE in our ever more complicated, intense, multi-layered world calls for diffusing the sources of stress and reversing it's debilitating effects. Retuning our multi-layered energy body with sound and energy is an amazing way to accomplish this. Come explore. Here you will find solutions by resetting your Inner Self with Sacred Sound, or opening to communication with your Soul to receive optimum, ongoing Guidance. These come in private sessions, gatherings, classes, workshops - all designed to help you stay in optimum energy FLOW - stay 'tuned' in an out-of-tune world.


Your Soul Knows Exactly How To Move You To Your Next Level

Our Soul is our ultimate authority and source of wisdom. It communicates with us all the time. It is constantly striving for us to remember deeper and deeper wisdom so we can climb higher and higher in our Evolution. But we have to be able to hear this guidance to follow it.

If you are reading this, most likely you are here to do deep work being of service to others to do the same. Achieving this ability at this time on Earth is pivotal. 


Soul Dialogue is the core of the Resonant Restructuring process. In this process, I essentially serve as your Interpreter of the messages and information your Inner Self (Soul) wishes you to know to help move to your next best self. I serve as your Assistant in helping you clear impediments in your path, and remaining physical and emotional "debris" from past experience. And I serve as your Guide in your learning to access and clearly hear this guidance for yourself.




Resonant Restructuring is multi-faceted, in that we work with the current resonance of all your bodies-physical, mental and emotional. Resonance meaning "that which feels normal" to you right now. Key in this process is Vvocal sound-'tuning'- which communicates with and recalibrates on a cellular level areas that are not aligned with your optimal wisdom. This is because your voice is 'tuned' to your personal frequency of well-being. It reflects the perfection of your DNA. You are guided in this vocal tuning, as you look at the resonance of things in your life, such as familial and geneological patterns/lineages (epigenetics) and more. 


Sessions are about 75 minutes via Zoom or Conference line.

We are taking a break from private sessions. If you are interested in a session and would like to discuss it with Myrrh, please email here HERE

What Clients have shared about their Resonant Restructuring experience:

  • Release/completion of mental/emotional patterns and physical/emotional issues tied to these patterns

  • Completion of “agreements” with individuals & relationships, particularly those that are destructive or unhealthy

  • Shift/completion of agreements of inherited, lineage, familial, or genealogical issues/patterns/diseases

  • Deeper peace, ease/elimination of anxiety, depression, and other challenges and physical pain

  • Spontaneous healing of physical disease (breast cancer tumor, sinus blockage, clinical depression).

You may have similar or different experiences.

The Wisdom of a Personal Healing Journey

My work with others, like most people, derives from my own journey of healing from significant childhood and adult trauma and sexual abuse. Always very aware of energy and "clair" everything, I was blessed to have been given tools early on which helped me create inner stability and understand that I was here for a specific reason.

Like many individuals who have learned how to transform difficult life experiences, my learning, healing and study with many teachers and of many modalities came from that foundation. 

From this experience have come the specific ways I work with individuals and it's never the same each time. The core of each interaction is using sound, Sacred Voice vocal tuning and deep inner connection in the way that opens doors for each individual. Sound/Resonance/Vibration is the core of our being and every belief we hold about ourselves is vibration. Our voices are the most powerful tool for emotional healing, because they hold the Tune of our DNA so they have the power to ReTune us. When beliefs about ourselves are transformed into healthy beliefs, the health of the body follows. 

Visit the Sound-School page for the entire schedule of Sacred Sound and Sacred Voice workshops and events.

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