When you change the pattern of your thoughts/beliefs and raise your "resonance," your experience and your outcomes change

Is anything more important in our lives right now than to detox our Mind and Spirit so we can move consciously forward WITHOUT OLD EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE? 

Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., a leading edge voice in cell biology, and author of The Biology of Belief, presented incredible scientific evidence about the biochemical effects of our brain, and how "all the cells of your body are affected by your thoughts."

With the essence of that quote in mind, I offer two types of sessions: Resonant ReTuning Energy and Sound sessions and Resonant Restructuring sessions. Both are designed to help you clear your “inner space” of old energy so you can move forward into a new space.


Resonant ReTuning Energy and Sound sessions are very gentle sessions using energy healing and sound and guided focus on stuck energy in the body. 


Resonant Restructuring sessions delve deeper to focus on old beliefs, self-sabotage - and what is under "stuck" energy, old, repetitive feelings/emotions, etc. that can derail your happiness and wellbeing. You CAN communication with your Inner Self to "complete the old." Explore how this work might assist you in claiming freedom, healthier thoughts and the ability to move on into easiness with yourself and with your life. 

Let’s work together to release stagnant energy, complete issues and difficult experiences that could still be ruling you, so you are free you to move forward. Brilliantly and powerfully.

Resonant ReTuning Energy and Sound Sessions

These are basic sessions that use energy healing modalities such as Usui Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy, and sound healing with Tibetan and crystal bowls and specialty tuning forks with guided focus on places in your body where your energy may feel "stuck."


These are great sessions for times when you feel fragile or "near tears" and can help ease worry and doubt, release old pent up energy and stress, and create some peaceful emotional spaciousness.

Resonant Restructuring ReTunes You To Your Innate BRILLIANCE 

Our Heart and Soul - our ESSENTIAL SELF - is our ultimate authority and source of wisdom. This Source is with us all the time, always present to help us in our quest for personal evolution. But we have to be able to hear this guidance to follow it. How about a "direct dialogue" with places in your body where emotions/feelings are lodged? These stuck emotions/feelings may direct you to old experiences that happened LONG AGO that you may not even be aware of. Working with gentle energy and sound and directing your heart energy to the emotions with LOVE can help complete them and release the energy.

Ready to Lose Your Old Baggage?

- Ditch your "Gunk

- Unhook from old Mindsets, Complete Old Patterns

- Rediscover your BRILLIANCE

Resonant Restructuring is a powerful guided journey to connect the dots of your wisdom of past experience and bring them into NOW. When that happens you can you discover what is holding you back and and be free of outdated influences.

It's a Dialogue With and Through Your Heart


Your Heart KNOWS! I help you travel into your Heart and other places in your body to interpret and understand the "messages" and information your mind/body/spirit is sending you, so you can move forward as a more free self. I help you see your truth about old experiences, actively choose to let go of old beliefs and patterns, dismantle old block in your path and any remaining physical and emotional "debris" from past experience.

Resonant Restructuring is a multi-faceted inner journey. You are guided and assisted in this process through the power of energy and crystal healing, Sacred Sound and deep dialogue and visualization to help you get to the core of what is holding you back. 

Sessions are provided in a private Hendersonville, NC location and can be done via ZOOM as well.  

My work with individuals and groups has always been "out of the box" and "in the moment" for my clients. With training in multiple disciplines and modalities and a wide set of "tools" to draw from, your sessions are tailored toward your current needs and will never be the same each time. 


To schedule your session. Payment by credit card in advance is usually required, tho I may accept cash the day of. Email me at and we can discuss times, locations/remote, etc.

Do you have questions about these sessions or what you might need, or do you wonder if a session would be helpful for you? Contact me for a consultation HERE

What Clients have shared about their Resonant Restructuring experience:

  • Release/completion of mental/emotional patterns and physical/emotional issues tied to these patterns

  • Completion of “agreements” with individuals & relationships, particularly those that are destructive or unhealthy

  • Shift/completion of agreements of inherited, lineage, familial, or genealogical issues/patterns/diseases

  • Deeper peace, ease/elimination of anxiety, depression, and other challenges and physical pain

  • Spontaneous healing of physical disease (breast cancer tumor, sinus blockage, depression).

You may have similar or different experiences.

The Wisdom of a Personal Healing Journey

My work with others, like most people, derives from my own journey of healing from significant childhood and adult trauma and sexual abuse. Always very aware of energy and "clair" everything, I was blessed to have been given tools early on which helped me create inner stability and understand that I was here for a specific reason.

Like others who have transformed their own difficult life experiences, my learning, healing and study with many teachers and of many modalities came from that foundation. 

From this experience have come the specific ways I work with individuals and yet, it's never the same each time. The core of each interaction is using sound, Sacred Voice vocal tuning and deep inner connection in the way that opens doors for each individual. Sound/Resonance/Vibration is the core of our being and every belief we hold about ourselves is vibration. Our voices are the most powerful tool for emotional healing, because they hold the Tune of our DNA so they have the power to ReTune us. When beliefs about ourselves are transformed into healthy beliefs, the health of the body follows.