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Through every experience we have, our Soul - ancient, without beginning or end - is steady and constant on its trajectory. Through all, it dances unwaveringly through experiences, humming to the sound of its indelible Divine Connection. As humans, the wisdom of who we truly are trickles down into our consciousness through experience and awareness. We learn it in the body/mind first, then as Truth.

Awakening...we've heard a lot about it. We know it’s happening. We know there are huge changes occurring within us, in our world, in our Galaxy, in our political system, in our societies. Some of us have needed, or will need, to make difficult choices to align with "the new."


ARE we awakening? Then, why the polarization we are seeing? There are individuals and factions that DO NOT WANT us to awaken. They don't want us to have the POWER that comes with awareness. For when we know ourselves awake, then we know our power. Awakening is also an INTENSELY PERSONAL JOURNEY. It has a different meaning, a different transit, a unique process for each person. One individual’s awakening can’t be gauged or measured by another, by books or tests. There is no scorecard, no checklist, no timeline.


To coin a phrase, “It is what it is, and it takes as long as it takes.”

During this lockdown what I have missed and needed most, coinciding with my own intense awakening process is my community. “Human touch.” When we have strong, like-minded community in our lives, there are strong resources, important connections, and deep nurturance of commonality. Being the social creatures that we are, we really can’t be without this for long before we can start to lose a deep sense of ourselves. For this past year, I’ve nurtured this budding brainchild, The Hum and Dance of the Soul. The concept came to me a long time ago as I viewed my own process as a Dance with Life, a Song of Life. As a vocal sound healer, I truly connected with the resonance in my own body as a "hum." I  contemplated how to share this with others in a way all could relate. I realized that creating steadfast, meaningful community, whether in-person or remote, with topics that address what is happening to us as humans in our evolution, and also in our world, is a stronghold for times when we really, really need each other. Like right now. 

Please join our FREE introductory evening of The Hum and Dance of the Soul -

Friday, May 14, 2021, 8:30-10 PM Eastern Time via ZOOM


This will be an evening of deep exploration, co-creating a stronghold for ourselves and each other through community, sharing in commonality, where we access and share our own innate knowing and energy to open deeper pathways of knowledge, knowing and awareness, while also creating major good in our lives and our world. An evening of ideas, of upholding a stronghold that is unshakeable, whatever else happens in our world. Always a place for us to be. Right where we are, right now.


Join Zoom Meeting:


Meeting ID: 820 5473 4885
Passcode: 164728

The Hum and Dance of the Soul 6-Session Program

We’re at an incredibly crucial time when unthinkable things are occurring in our country and our world. What we know: a manmade virus of "unknown origins" that has infected, and locked down our entire planet; deep questions surrounding the 2021 Presidential election; our government has become tyrannical; our democracy and freedoms are being threatened and are on the verge of being revoked; our President has made damaging choices and is taking us further into abysmal debt and deepening attempts to destroy our US Constitution. Relations with foreign entities are strained to the breaking point. 


*** THIS is an immense CATALYST for our AWAKENING.  Through every experience, our Soul is ancient, without beginning or end, steady and constant on its trajectory. Through it all, it dances unwaveringly through these experiences, humming to the sound of its connection to the Divine that is never ending, that constantly pulses with awareness of who we truly are. 

And...we also must align with our humanity and all that goes with it: the fear, anger, uncertainty, indecision. The whole ball of wax. How do we balance this??  


The Hum and Dance of the Soul is an exploration and opportunity to act upon the deeper sense of our awareness, our innate spiritual power and to hone our ability to communicate with our Source/Spirit; to individually and as a group direct intention and LOVE-based focus toward exactly what we want to see in our world. For our well-being and the well-being of all beings and our planet.

The Six-Session Program:


-The Hum and Dance of the Soul is a six-session program that starts Thursday, June 3 at 8:30pm EST via ZOOM.

We meet every other Thursday for six 90-minute interactive, theme-based sessions, around which we’ll take part in the experience and dialogue. Through the interactive nature of these sessions, we will spark each other to realize and embody more and more of what is intrinsically our evolved "us" through a main theme, group conversation and sharing and realizations of what we can do on a deeper level to leverage the direction of our world.  

The First Two Sessions Of the Program Are FREE! And Other Perks

I want all who are experiencing significant shifts and need community support to have access to the resources to make sense of what is happening to them and in our world. How to navigate all that is happening. And how to rise above and THRIVE. There is something to be said about "the hundredth monkey effect." When WE evolve and awaken ourselves, others evolve and awaken too.


The first two sessions of The Hum and Dance of the Soul program are FREE with registration (Registration forthcoming). Regardless of whether you go forward with the rest of the program, you will receive the ZOOM recordings from these two sessions for future reference. The dates and themes of the first two sessions are below

-Thursday, June 10, 2021, 8:30 PM EST. Our Theme is "Detox" – What is in our life that is causing us more harm than good? What is BEHIND those choices and what is that “feeding?” When we detox what’s “behind the curtain” we can more easily choose differently and experience a expanded outcome. Out with the bad, in with the good, as they say.


-Thursday, June 17, 2021, 8:30 PM EST.  Our Theme is "Nourishment" - What we put into body, mind and spirit greatly influences/determines the "set points” of what we can expect to receive from life. What is most nourishing for us right now? What do we need that we are ignoring? What are we using to nourish ourselves that isn't nourishing?

In each session I'll open the Circle and create Sacred Space, then help to clear our energy fields with powerful, specially created tuning forks that carry specific sacred geometric and Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine frequencies. This clearing will cleanse our energy fields to remove obstructions and assist us in opening to all the "new" we will receive.


We’ll then open to explore the Theme for the evening. Through dialogue and other practices we'll go deeply within to expand and deepen our ability to influence our world through intention. We know there's no separation between our knowing of who we are, and the influence of this in our world. We're powerful extensions of Source, we are part of everything, that energy is within us, part of our world.


As part of this group, private retuning sessions will also be available, as well as deeper sessions and “breakout trainings.” More about these soon.

Want To Join Us For the Full Program? Here Are Your PERKS!

Register for the full program by Tuesday, June 8 and receive the following special PERKS. Additional information coming:

- The first two program sessions are free for everyone. If you sign up for the remaining four sessions, they are $65 (Future full program will be $130). A 2-month payment plan will be available for this first program - $32.50/month for two months.

As part of this group, you will also receive:

- A Free Pass to a future monthly group Sound Retuning session with tuning forks, Tibetan and crystal bowls and guided meditation ($30 value)

- One free Biofield Viewer Diagnostic when you book a private Resonant Restructuring session. (Diagnostic is a $45 value) This is a wonderful "before and after" tool that helps you see what energy blocks were present when we started and what you were able to clear. 

- 50% off on any one upcoming Breakout Workshop offered with the Hum and Dance of the Soul Program. 





I've held several Violet Flame workshops and meditations over the last few months, where small groups of us have worked with this amazing healing tool to help ease the chaotic energy on Earth.


I don't think any of us have been prepared for the turn of events we are seeing. Deeper intervention is now needed to help heal the anger, rage and hate that is growing, and this practice is an amazing and easy way to gently intervene. Anyone can learn this.


You can watch the ZOOM workshop below. I'm hoping our group grows exponentially, and that members form their own groups, as well. I see this as a way of being a "Stealth Love Bomber" that does not take away anyone's right to be how they are, but gives the energetic opportunity  and "nudge" to choose a different path - LOVE. 



The Comte de St. Germain was a real person - a courtier and alchemist that lived in pre-Revolutionary France and frequented the French courts. He predicted the French Revolution. Suffice it to say that as an alchemist he had abilities that astounded individuals of that time (and this time as well). We'll go into more detail in the workshop. But he deeply LOVES AMERICA and stands for our Democracy. Some have said he is the Ascended Master of America.  


As an Ascended Master, he is "on call" to assist us, particularly in this hour of need. His "right hand," Archangel Zadkiel, who is also a lead Archangel that follows directly behind Archangel Michael into battle, is ready to assist us at any time and to teach us to use the Violet Flame for Transformation of all that is not of Truth, Love and Light, for personal and planetary evolution. 


Learn more about St. Germain, Archangel Zadkiel and the Violet Flame in this ZOOM recording. You will receive the Prayer of Invocation, learn how to invoke and work with it. And hopefully we will create a tag team effort of working with this every day, pausing for five minutes to bathe our planet and all people in the Violet Consuming Flames of Transmutation.

The video of and notes for this class are below. Please share with your friends. This is a tool we can all use to create change in our world. Let's build a community of change makers! 


Video and Notes of the 1/12/2021 Violet Flame Workshop and Meditation Below

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Violet Flame Workshop Notes

Watch The Violet Flame Workshop Video Above