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Time to get our groove on!


To assist in this glorious transition back to "normalcy" ("normal"?), let me offer you a weekly sonic lullaby, a "chill pill" of deep relaxation and recalibration to start every week off fresh and relaxed. Tibetan and crystal bowls, tank drums, incredible new tuning forks.


Monday June 21 through Monday, July 26. 8-9 pm EST on YOUTUBE LIVE. 

Feel free to share this event with friends and family, but please DO NOT SHARE this link on any public social media posts. Thank you!

ALL REPLAYS ARE ON YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrx6_o1vghOaLxfrdZpwRlA

Link for Monday, July 19 Chill Pill, 8 PM: https://youtu.be/ISCwjx4Sw6Y

Thursday, July 8, 2021REPLAY LINK BELOW
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Resonant ReTuning™ Energy Tuning sessions are back again and UPGRADED with special new tuning forks. I want to treat all of you to experience them, too. So you're invited to a special FREE Group ReTuning at the New Moon in Cancer! 


ReTuning sessions are a powerful mix: a deep guided inner journey and energy clearing and retuning/alignment using the new tuning forks. These forks are calibrated to specific Sacred Geometric, Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine frequencies.


This YOUTUBE LIVE gathering will help clear undesirable energy/patterns and upgrade overall energy. All are welcome! 

*** In exchange, I would greatly appreciate your feedback on your experience, and if and how the session helped you. If you would also like a private session, by participating in this first group session and providing feedback, your first private session is 50% off. More information on these private sessions is HERE.


Please share this event with other like minds who might want to join us, but please DO NOT share link below in posts on Social Media sites. 






I've held several Violet Flame workshops and meditations over the last few months, where small groups of us have worked with this amazing healing tool to help ease the chaotic energy on Earth.


I don't think any of us have been prepared for the turn of events we are seeing. Deeper intervention is now needed to help heal the anger, rage and hate that is growing, and this practice is an amazing and easy way to gently intervene. Anyone can learn this.


You can watch the ZOOM workshop below. I'm hoping our group grows exponentially, and that members form their own groups, as well. I see this as a way of being a "Stealth Love Bomber" that does not take away anyone's right to be how they are, but gives the energetic opportunity  and "nudge" to choose a different path - LOVE. 



The Comte de St. Germain was a real person - a courtier and alchemist that lived in pre-Revolutionary France and frequented the French courts. He predicted the French Revolution. Suffice it to say that as an alchemist he had abilities that astounded individuals of that time (and this time as well). We'll go into more detail in the workshop. But he deeply LOVES AMERICA and stands for our Democracy. Some have said he is the Ascended Master of America.  


As an Ascended Master, he is "on call" to assist us, particularly in this hour of need. His "right hand," Archangel Zadkiel, who is also a lead Archangel that follows directly behind Archangel Michael into battle, is ready to assist us at any time and to teach us to use the Violet Flame for Transformation of all that is not of Truth, Love and Light, for personal and planetary evolution. 


Learn more about St. Germain, Archangel Zadkiel and the Violet Flame in this ZOOM recording. You will receive the Prayer of Invocation, learn how to invoke and work with it. And hopefully we will create a tag team effort of working with this every day, pausing for five minutes to bathe our planet and all people in the Violet Consuming Flames of Transmutation.

The video of and notes for this class are below. Please share with your friends. This is a tool we can all use to create change in our world. Let's build a community of change makers! 


Video and Notes of the 1/12/2021 Violet Flame Workshop and Meditation Below

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Violet Flame Workshop Notes

Watch The Violet Flame Workshop Video Above