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Have you ever wondered…. why do certain words, sounds, physical vibrations make us feel better? Sometimes it's not the words themselves but the way they are said to us, the "kindness" expressed. Sometimes the sounds are comforting - a favorite old song, the sound of a loved one's voice? The sound of someone singing in a certain way that makes us feel really good. Physical feelings-vibrations-make us feel good. Have you ever noticed a baby calming down while being rocked or how we sometimes get very relaxed and sleepy during a long car ride? 


All of these are "vibrational" experiences. Maybe we can heal ourselves with the vibrations that make us feel good? What if certain sounds were able to relieve depression, anxiety, and sadness by causing deep relaxation? Do you wonder if intentional sound can destroy cancer cells, soothe Alzheimer’s and dementia sufferers, or improve symptoms in autistic children? What if we can find healing and wellness within ourselves with the help of sound? We can and at Creative Divine Studios we are dedicated to share this growing body of information with you!


We know today that many ancient cultures were aware of the healing abilities of sound and used it in a variety of ways as part of their medicinal techniques. From ancient Egyptians to present-day medicine men/women sound healing has been treating those suffering for thousands of years. Today, we see these healing techniques gradually beginning to re-emerge, even in locations with standardized western medicine and pharmaceuticals.


Simply put, sound is the brain’s perception of vibrating airwaves. There are an infinite number of tones and frequencies across the spectrum. As 3-dimensional, physical beings we know that such sounds impact not only our brain but also every other cell in our bodies. Our brains are known to be programmed to be synchronous with frequencies similar to the human voice and as a result we can use our voices as a powerful healing tool.


Our voices are as unique as our fingerprints and the many tonalities and resonances of the human voice cannot be accurately duplicated by artificial means. Meaning, only humans can make human sounds! Not surprisingly, our brain is most tuned to our OWN voice and as a result it holds the most powerful deep healing qualities for us. And it has been shown that each individual has its own frequency, or note, that its very cells resonate with when in a healthy state. Chant, tone, and sound of the human voice are now beginning to successfully help individuals with ADD/ADHD, help heal depression and other emotional issues, and promote stress reduction in individual and group settings.


“Essentially our perception of sound is produced by the brain through external vibration transmitted and converted into information signals, by via the ears, specifically the cochlea.”




Alfred Wolfson, a German-born singing teacher and pioneer of sound and vibration, was plagued by the horrible sounds of artillery fire and human agony he experienced as a soldier in the trenches in World War I. He cured himself of these hallucinations by singing the terrible sounds that haunted him. He went on to develop a therapeutic method that used an individual’s voice to heal. He taught his students to make spontaneous noises, including those of animals, birds and even machines. [1]


In the 1970’s, Alfred Tomatis, a jazz musician, began experimenting with the effects of the human voice when he realized that certain tonalities in music had a positive effect upon musicians and audience alike. Teaming up with Hélène Grimal, a senior researcher at the National Centre for Scientific Research in Paris, they devoted a year and a half to study the effects of sound on normal and malignant human cells. Initially using drums, gongs, flutes, guitar, bass and a xylophone, they investigated the effects of sound on healthy blood cells, hemoglobin, and a ‘Hela’ cancer cell from a tumor in a human uterus.

Their research found that sound as low as 30-40 decibels produced noticeable changes in the cells. And, as sounds progressed up the musical scales, cancer cells “exploded” at a certain frequency, with the sound frequency travelling outward from the center of the cell to its outer membrane. However, the most dramatic shifts resulted when the human voice was used to make these sounds.

Research with actual cancer patients produced astonishing results. Female breast cancer patients were instructed to tone the whole musical scale, using a violin to keep a base note for 21 minutes at a time. The patients continued with this practice for 31/2 hours a day for one month. As a result, measurable improvements were realized on most of the patients’ tumors, and one woman’s tumor disappeared completely.  [1]


It's time to disarm a very common misperception about vocal healing – you do not have to be a singer, and this is not singing. It's not about being a celebrated baritone or soprano in school, and it's certainly not about being told "just mouth the words" in choir either. Fears dismissed! No, this is much deeper than that and we all have the ability to create healing vibrations. Intentionally using the sound of our own voice can bring balance to the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Because we already know that we are physical beings designed to perceive frequencies and vibrations, therapeutic “vocalizing” can align our energy with our true Heart Wisdom and lead us to clarity and full self-expression. We each have our own inherent resonance, not only in our voice, but also in our cells, our DNA. Recent research has shown that this DNA resonance - or "hum" is directly linked to our Mind, Body, Spirit - perhaps even our soul. Our own voice, and its inherent resonance is the most healing for us. 


Every journey starts with the first step so don’t overthink it. Consider starting simple by locating a comfortable, private area and make soft and gentle vocal sounds while you meditate. Focusing inward, going deep into your Heart during this vocal meditation will eventually guide you to the areas of hurt or struggle that are holding you back or retaining negative energy. As you grow (remember – progress not perfection!) you will learn to use YOUR own voice to give expression to those areas of trauma and negative beliefs. Through this practice is found profound healing and restoration of positive energy.


We recommend trying this vocalization in water as well as it is a FANTASTIC conductor of sound and resonator. Water can magnify the vibrations and after all, our physical bodies are composed almost entirely of H2O! At first if you find that it feels a little uncomfortable, perhaps try humming or chanting to music during your meditation.

If you want to dive into deeper sonic waters, consider experiencing "The Hum and Dance of the Soul" Myrrh's new Sacred Sound series that begins in 2019. Details on the Events page HERE


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Facing the process of end-of-life transition is naturally a difficult and anxious thing for the individual as well as family & friends. Music is a beautiful way to assist as a bridge and also provide solace to loved ones. One such bridge, known as Music-Thanatology, is actually part of palliative care for individuals nearing their end-of-life transition.

"Music-thanatology is a professional field within the broader sub-specialty of palliative care. It is a musical/clinical modality that unites music and medicine in end of life care. The music-thanatologist utilizes harp and voice at the bedside to lovingly serve the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the dying and their loved ones with prescriptive music.

Prescriptive music is live music that responds to the physiological needs of the patient moment by moment. For example, by observing vital signs such as heart rate, respiration and temperature, the music-thanatologist provides music that is tailored to each specific situation. The warmth of this living music can bring solace, dignity and grace to those nearing the ultimate journey at the end of life.

This music can help to ease physical symptoms such as pain, restlessness, agitation, sleeplessness and labored breathing. It offers an atmosphere of serenity and comfort that can be profoundly soothing for those present. Difficult emotions such as anger, fear, sadness and grief can be relieved as listeners rest into a musical presence of beauty, intimacy and compassion.

Music-thanatology is not intended to entertain or distract the patient. Instead, this music allows the patient to enter into the unbinding process of letting go in his or her own very personal way. It affords families a chance to be with their loved one in a very intimate yet safe atmosphere where words are not necessary and the words that are said can come from a deep place, aided by the music." ~ from MTAI.ORG. Direct link:


Myrrh de Marmion is honored to have assisted individuals at their end of life transition, and their families and friends as well, through a number of Sacred Sound/Sound Healing offerings. To learn more about her work and her offerings, click to visit the SOUND HEALING OFFERINGS page. 


Myrrh de Marmion is honored to be able to share this healing assistance for those in need. has been taught to help people at this transition stage by using a variety of energy modalities which soothe and comfort the individual.

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