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It’s “POWER UP” time, friends! In case you haven't noticed, we are in the midst of deep rewiring as part of the powerful Ascension process we're in now. How we integrate the shifts is different for everyone, it affects some more than others, especially very sensitive souls. How is it affecting you?


As one of those very sensitive, and empathic, souls myself, I know how these experiences can totally upend our personal world if we can’t find inner balance. We see the out picturing of that in Earth chaos right now, as we collectively climb up the vibration ladder, whether we do so consciously (or NOT).

Energetic self-care is really CRITICAL to stay balanced right now, and Med Bed sessions can help you have a calmer experience by providing the energy upgrades/healings that YOU specifically need right now. Additionally, it can help you have a deeper knowing of your specific path forward, greater trust and wellbeing. The advanced Med Bed technology can offer specific mental, spiritual, and physical support to help you reach and resolve issues you desire to heal.



The MED BED technology is an extraordinary healing technology developed and facilitated by our loving ET family that assists us  in upgrading our energy and health. For Light Workers it is a profound activation of greater Light capacity and healing abilities!




Your Med Bed session is facilitated via guided meditation and remote view on board the Pleiades Medical ship. The Med Bed session consists of cycles of high-intensity Light, which are facilitated by members of the Medical Ship crew to assist/facilitate deeper awareness, health and well-being, greater healing abilities and Awakening.


These cycles:


  • Help to clear density in your physical body and organs, regenerate cells and organs through high Cosmic Life Force energy;

  • Help to release old stuck energy that may have manifested in your body as disease;

  • Help to neutralize energy blocks and damage to DNA that have accumulated to cause disease;

  • Assist you in clearing old mental/emotional patterns.

  • Help to activate and upgrade your energy, and activate your personal Light Codes that will help you assimilate changes you experience in your Ascension process;

Other advanced technology and equipment is available on the Pleiades Medical ship and may be used to for specialized healing of other physical/emotional issues. Through these amazing sessions, we can receive the profound healing and upgrades we need to navigate our own personal evolution and ascension process.



In your Med Bed healing session, I guide you through an incredible "remote view" healing and upgrade experience. We travel via guided meditation to the Pleiades Medical Ship. There, you receive healings and upgrades guided by the ship's incredible, conscious, loving and caring personnel. Your session is about 60 minutes and is facilitated via ZOOM. 


During the session, the Med Bed personnel will assist you and I will be with you the entire time to interpret every step of the care you receive. You may also be directed to use other technology available on the ship that will facilitate specialized healing for you. 


- Your first session is $110, which includes exploration of your specific needs and lasts about 60-75 minutes. Subsequent sessions are $90. Email me to purchase your Med Bed session or with questions: I bill you via Square invoice which you can pay from. The invoice must be paid before your session is scheduled. Packages are available - BE SURE TO SEE THE SPECIAL HOLIDAY PACKAGE BELOW!

THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. For one-on-one sessions, 24-hour advance notice is requested to reschedule. You may apply the $$ toward another service/item that I offer, and you may gift your session/service to a friend or family member. HOWEVER, YOU MUST CONTACT ME to share/gift your session!

For questions and concerns, please contact me directly at: 


“My experience with the Galactic Med bed session was very amazing. I was not sure what to expect. Myrrh was sweet and used a lovely, guided meditation to bring me to the ship for the healing session. Julie was the one who actually did the healing on the ship. It was pretty awesome as I went for some physical healing, and Myrrh was unaware of my many issues. Julie went to every part of my body that I was having issues with and a couple other spots that surprised me as they were spots that I had forgotten about, and she did some healing and other things to every area of concern. I also felt an overwhelming feeling of such unconditioned love for me, all of *humanity* that I was silently crying pretty much the entire time. It was so wonderful to feel such love, and admiration for us here on Earth. These loving high dimensional beings are here to help us heal and it was amazing to say the least.....When the session was finished I had expected to be tired, but I was not. I had a lot to process, but physically I felt lighter and more vibrant and my shoulder was no longer in pain. Over the next few weeks I just felt better and better. I would highly recommend Myrrh and her Galactic Med bed sessions!! “  ~ Joanne Johnson - 5/7/2023

“Words cannot adequately express the profound impact this completely unique healing experience had on me. It continues to accelerate my personal soul journey on multi-dimensional levels to this day. Were it not for Myrrh’s gentle, nurturing presence throughout the procedure it could have proven overwhelmingly intense but that is to be expected if one is looking to achieve higher levels of consciousness via DNA activations. Restoring our original blueprints and realizing our true soul's purpose is the ultimate goal to strive for and thanks to Myrrh, for the first time, I feel I have crossed that threshold safely.”  ~ Yvonne Erlichman - 5/6/2023

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