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Welcome to The Cosmic Weft ~ Fiber Art and Art'ifacts from my Creative Soul!  

Immerse yourself in creations from my heart to yours for your personal well-being, to bring joy, comfort and color for your living space. Hand-dyed silks and other natural fibers, Bali Batiks, and repurposed fibers from around the world. Creations and fabrics are constantly changing and usually one-of-a-kind, so check back often.

Contact Myrrh with any questions, comments and inquiries on custom pieces or additions (see specific info further below). I would LOVE to co-create a special piece for you! Subscribe (box at top of this page) to receive updates on new goodies. And tell your friends!

Bali Batik Cotton Eye Pillows!
Beautifully Functional! 

Ready For A Nap??

These wonderful eye pillows make a mid-day snooze delightful!

Eye pillows new.jpg

Close your eyes, shut out the light, ease headaches and stress with a Bali Batik Extra Large Eye Pillow. The gentle weight of organic flax seeds lulls you into relaxation during meditation, savasana, or anytime you need a break.


Currently available in two fabric colorations: Blue Paisley and Pink Turquoise Flower. Eye pillows are a generous 9" x 4". Each fabric is unique and may change due to availability. Please check the photos below for current patterns/colors. 


Outer fabric cover of Bali Batik eye pillow is removable and hand washable. DO NOT immerse or get inner muslin bag wet. It is filled with organic flax seeds and is NOT washable or refillable.  Extra muslin bags filled with flax seeds are available. Contact Myrrh for details. 

Bali Batik Extra Large Eye Pillows are no longer available

Eye Pillows new1.jpg

HEARTS! Beautiful Expressions of Love to Celebrate

the Beautiful Loves in Your Life!

Hand Painted/Dyed SILK Hearts

A special gift for a special someone in your life. Or perhaps from YOU to YOU celebrating a milestone or a job well done?


Beautiful soft, heavyweight hand-painted silk crepe de chine that I hand-painted in soft, watery colors reminiscent of Monet's painting, "Water Lilies". Filled with organic buckwheat hulls and a tiny quartz crystal attuned to sound. 


Each heart is unique in coloration. Small heart decorated with self-fabric tassel, jade leaves and jade and fire polish beads, approx 5" high x 5" wide. Larger plain hearts approx. 6 1/2" high x 6 1/2" wide. NOT IMMERSIBLE OR WASHABLE. Do not get wet. 


Small Giverny Hand Painted and Beaded Heart

Giverny Heart.jpg

Purchase your Giverny Heart at the secure PayPal link below. Use the drop-down menu to select. Price includes Priority Mail shipping.

Large Giverny Hand Painted Heart #1

Large Giverny Hand Painted Heart #2


Special Silk Hearts of Vintage Kimono Obi

The beauty and delicacy of vintage kimono obi (the traditional sash worn with a kimono) make these fabrics true treasures. The craftsmanship and exquisite detail of the weaving and hand dyeing are unparalleled. These pieces are becoming harder to find and I have been collecting kimono obi sash pieces for years and using them in lap quilts and other special textile arts projects.


I have delved into my stash to create some beautiful, embellished hearts just for a special someone in your life. Filled with organic buckwheat hulls and a tiny quartz crystal charged with Sacred Sound. 

To the right is a 7" heart of gorgeous chevron woven yellow silk with sunbursts and leaf designs woven in. Embellished with twisted and manipulated coral silk bias and rough edge yellow silk with glass seed beads, a large glass round bead (see detail photo below). These are NOT IMMERSIBLE OR WASHABLE. Do not get wet. 

Gold Silk Heart Detail.jpg

Large Yellow Beaded/Ribboned Heart


Purchase your embellished chevron woven yellow silk heart at the secure PayPal purchase link below. Price includes Priority Mail shipping.

Hand-pieced Bali Batik Hearts

Give some special LOVE to a special someone! These colorful little pieced hearts celebrate all the pieces of our hearts that make us who we are!


Painstakingly hand-pieced of hand-dyed Indonesian cotton Bali Batik fabrics in harmonious colors. Photos are current color/fabric combination availability. See individual hearts below. Small photos are back view.

Each heart is filled with organic buckwheat hulls and a tiny crystal point that's been charged with Sacred Sound. Some contain a subtle blend of organic dried lavender and lotus flowers (these are noted below and on PayPal).


Choose your heart from the photos below (smaller photos are of the back) of current hearts that are available. If your favorite is sold, I can make you a similar one. CONTACT ME 

Approx. 7"x7." These are NOT WASHABLE! Please do not get wet or immerse.


Prices from $38-$40 plus tax. Prices include Priority Mail shipping to US addresses.

Cotton Heart Pillows group1.jpg

Use the secure PayPal drop down below to order your favorite Pieced Heart design. Price includes US Priority Mail shipping.


SOLD! Blue Triangles/Strips

(with lavender flowers)



Gold, Purple Squares and Strips

(with lavender flowers)


Gold Square/Purple/Blue Strips (no Lavender flowers)


Gold/Purple/Blue Strips

(no Lavender flowers)

Turquoise, Coral, Blue Strips 

(with lavender flowers)



The Brilliant ColorPatterns of Bali Batik Pillow Covers

Aren't you just ASTOUNDED at the glorious colors Mother Nature uses in its creation? Well, I've long taken my cue from Mother Nature, so let the beautiful, unexpected pops of color of pieced PLAYFULNESS of these Indonesian hand-dyed Bali Batik cotton pillow covers bring Joy and Playfulness to your world!


Each pillow cover is absolutely unique and may use several (or many!) different fabrics in similar or contrasting color combinations to achieve a pattern. I access many different traditional and modern piecing patterns (and many times create my own!).


See below for current patterns and sizes. Note that prices include the pieced Bali Batik pillow cover ONLY.

All my pillow covers are hand/machine washable (GENTLE/ COLD WATER). Turn inside out and wash in cold water and with gentle detergent. A tiny bit of natural fabric softener is okay. Reshape and line dry. Being cotton, they will do fine with steam iron to smooth out wrinkles. 

NOTE: These are PILLOW COVERS and do NOT include pillow forms. I do not stock pillow forms Pillow forms in all standard sizes: 14"x14", 16"x16", 18"x18" 20"x20", 24" x24", 16"x12" lumbar, and 53"x20" body pillow are generally available at any fabric store, such as Jo Ann Fabrics, and online at joann.com or on Amazon. I can provide you with the kind I prefer to use, particularly the 53"x20" body pillows. Read my info about pillow forms at the bottom of this page.) 

Updated as new covers are available or see below for info on custom designs

Ochre/Coral 16"x16" Pillow Cover


Gorgeous ochre brown blends with coral, pink and turquoise. Fits a 16"x16" Pillow form ONLY. Easy envelope back in ochre stripe fabric gives you another decor option and makes pillow insertion/removal a snap. NOTE: This is a PILLOW COVER and DOES NOT include the inner pillow form. See information at the top of this section!


Use the secure PayPal BUY NOW button below to order 16"x16" Ochre/Coral pillow cover above. Price includes Priority Mail Shipping.

Blue/Ochre Diagonal Multi-Stripe 18"x 18" 


A colorful melange of ochre brown, smokey blue, and gold diagonal pieced fabrics can add an ethnic punch to many color schemes. Fits an 18"x18" pillow form ONLY. Easy envelope back in straight piecing of the same fabrics creates another decor option for you and makes pillow insertion/removal a snap. NOTE: This is a PILLOW COVER and DOES NOT include the inner pillow form. See information at the top of this section!

Use the secure PayPal BUY NOW button below to order 18"x18" Blue/Ochre Diagonal Multi-Stripe pillow cover above. Price includes Priority Mail shipping.

Purple/Blue/Gold/Smokey Blue 16 1/4"x12 1/8" Lumbar Pillow Cover


Brilliant purple, blue and gold "pebble" blocks are offset by smoky blue bands. Fits a 16 1/4"x12 1/8" pillow form ONLY. Easy envelope back in smoky blue creates another decor option for you and makes pillow insertion/removal a snap. NOTE: This is a PILLOW COVER and DOES NOT include the inner pillow form. See information at the top of this section!

Use the secure Square BUY NOW drop down below to order 16 1/4"x12 1/8" Purple/Blue/Gold/Smokey Blue pillow cover above. NOTE: These are pillow COVERS and do not include the inner pillow form.

Custom Items

Let's create a VERY SPECIAL colorful something for your special room! Or for a special someone! Custom items in many color/patterns and sizes are very welcome. I'm always sourcing wonderful color combinations in Bali Batiks and other fabrics. Because Bali Batiks are handmade by artisans in Bali, patterns may be limited. BUT I can work with YOUR FABRICS OR MINE- or BOTH!  I can incorporate yours with my own supplies. I can create pillow forms for all basic square sizes (see below), lap quilts, and other custom items and I will be happy to chat with you about your vision, etc., and provide you with a quote and photos of available fabrics based on your color scheme/request. Note that because Bali Batiks from Indonesian artisans are hand-dyed, patterns may not consistently be available. See the photos below of a custom bolster cover I recently created for a client, to give you ideas of possibilities. Please allow several weeks+, depending on the size and complexity of the item/pattern. 

Shea Bolster Final2.jpg
Shea Bolster Final1.jpg

Custom bolster cover. Photo above is for front of bolster. Non-working buttons, snap closure on back.

Custom bolster cover. Photo above is for back of bolster. Non-working buttons, snap closure.



Greetings! I hope you are truly delighted with my creations, from the time you receive them and for years to come! If for any reason you need to return an item you ordered, please follow these steps:


CUSTOMER SERVICE INFO: If you have ANY questions or hesitations about an item, are unsure about colors of a particular item matching your decor, or if there is any issue with an order you received, please contact Myrrh at magic@creativedivinestudios.com or call me at 720-526-9986, Monday-Friday, 9 am-5pm ET so I can assist you. If you need to return an item, please see my Return Policy further below.


  • Items are shipped via USPS Priority Mail 2-3 day. Your item(s) are shipped within 1 business day.

  • All shipping fees are included in the total cost of your order, including insurance that fully covers the replacement of your item, should it be damaged during transit.

  • When your item is shipped, I will text or email you a copy of your Priority Mail receipt with the tracking numher

  • If you desire a different shipping method, please contact me at the Customer Service Info above.

  • If you need to ship internationally, please contact me above.


IMPORTANT: If your item arrives damaged, contact me immediately at the above contact info. A DAMAGE CLAIM MUST BE FILED WITH USPS. In the event of damage do not throw away any packaging, etc. as photos of damage, etc. will be needed to file a claim.


Greetings! I want you to be truly delighted with my creations, from the the time you see them, to the time you receive them and and for many years to come! All of my items are one-of-a-kind artistic designs. I endeavor to provide clear and very accurate photos, size information and details on colors and designs of my available items on my website. This greatly offsets the need for item returns for the usual reasons: too small, wrong color, etc.


-If you have ANY questions or hesitations about an item or are unsure about colors of a particular item prior to your purchase;


-or if there is an issue with your order once you receive it:


Contact me, Myrrh de Marmion, at magic@creativedivinestudios.com or by cell at 720-526-9986, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm ET, so I can assist you and see how best to resolve issues.


I endeavor to ensure you are happy with your purchase by providing CLEAR information on sizing and colors on each design. Photographs of items are "color trued" to reflect accurate colors. If you have concerns about colors/prints, on more expensive items such as pillow covers, lap quilts, wall pieces, etc., I can hold an item for you for 5 business days and mail you swatches of fabrics of that item so you can make your decision. Contact me as above. I cannot hold smaller items such as silk and pieced hearts, eye and neck pillows, etc.


Custom Items: Returns on custom pieces are handled on an individual basis. I am very thorough in my custom design and approval process to make sure you are 150% satisfied with everything before I even start on your creation.


  • You have full approval of all fabrics and colors through physical fabric swatching and a copy of the spec sheet with your design drawing. These are mailed to you, with an agreement form. Once you are completely happy with the design, you complete the agreement form and mail/email back to me.

  • You will also receive an invoice for a 50% deposit for materials, etc., with the balance due prior to shipping.

  • If there is an issue with your custom item once you receive it, we will have an in-depth conversation to discuss the issues and see how I can resolve them.


Quality, Durability, Machine Washability and MORE

Not every pillow form (also known as "insert") is created equal. That is to say, durable AND machine washable, so take note. Unless a pillow form/insert states, "machine washable," it is NOT. Many lesser quality pillow inserts state, "spot clean only." Depending on the fill type, some pillow inserts can get DESTROYED in a washer and the filling CAN melt in a dryer if it's hot enough. (I've had it happen even with bed pillows!). Pillows that are filled with polyfill are a good example.


Clearly you get what you pay for, so if you plan to keep the pillow for awhile, or if a family member with allergies will use it, invest in a higher quality, machine washable pillow form/insert of shredded/interlocking foam with a zipper. Then you can remove the filling and wash the liner. This also allows you to adjust the fill (shredded foam is wonderful!). (READ LABELS BEFORE PURCHASE!). I purchased several Roll and Go Anywhere pillows by MyPillow (mypillow.com) and after I made colorful covers for them, I used them on my Zero Gravity chair in private healing sessions. And clients loved them so much they generally bought them or had a custom pillow cover made for their own pillow! 

You can find many shredded foam/machine washable pillow inserts on Amazon and other sites, too. One of my favorite makers is Soft-Tex, particularly for body pillows. (https://www.amazon.com/s?k=Soft-Tex&ref=bl_dp_s_web_6404926011)


CONTACT ME if you need help on this, for inquiries on custom work, questions, or if you require further assistance.