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Asheville, NC

About Myrrh:


Myrrh de Marmion is a Vibrational Alchemist who works with Sacred Sound as a pathway to experience deeper well-being. This work comes in many different expressions: collaborative large group Sacred Sound Immersions of exquisite blendings of voice and chant, Tibetan and Crystal bowls, Shamanic drumming and ceremony that celebrate the change of the seasons; large and small group workshops about Sacred Sound that empower attendees to embody and use it for their personal healing; women's retreats that embody the power of adversity and delve into epigenetics and the inheritance of trauma, and more.


The core of her Sacred Sound work is Sacred Voice®, a profound heart-centered vocal sounding/tuning practice that is an expression of self and a deeply healing embodiment of Love. Myrrh's guidance is that our voices carry the highest potential of our truth and when used in a healing manner, speak to our cells and the DNA signature of our personal healing. It essentially creates our reality. A client once described her personal experience of Sacred Voice® as, "invoking the ancestral birthplace of our origins, the Mother Tongue of the Womb, the Great Source. A memory of unnameable familiarity, exquisite Love, and Renewal."


The deeply experiential structure of these Sacred Sound Immersions, workshops and other offerings are Sacred Voice-based which helps others express their pain and experience an amazing connection to their animating Force of Life. Myrrh knows Sacred Sound, specifically the Sacred Voice®, to be the Creative Force of the Universe and a direct avenue for individuals and animals to experience greater ease and peace in body, mind and spirit, because of its direct connection to the Heart. At the core, these are specifically created to help individuals learn to 'retune' their emotional frequency, which trickles down into all other levels, for deeper peace and health.

In 2003, Myrrh had powerful out of body experience, during which the Divine Universe expressed itself to her as pure sound breathing through Love. This experience opened her voice and for the next sixteen years propelled her to deep study of sound and vibration with several masters, as well as energy modalities, shamanic practices, and quantum physics.

A survivor of childhood sexual abuse trauma, Myrrh's focus is more and more with women with the same experiences, and incorporates Sacred Voice as a key component in her group offerings because of its ability to capture and express the rawness of experience as well as the DNA signature of our personal healing. Sacred Voice is the basis of Myrrh’s women's immersive weekend, The Hum and Dance of the Feminine Soul, in 2020.


Myrrh’s first CD, Mother Tongues, recorded at the TANK Center for Sonic Arts in Rangely, CO, will be released in 2019. Sound bites of her recorded experiences in the Tank Center are available at The CD blends Sacred Voice, Tibetan and crystal bowls and custom-tuned tongue drums into a prayer to the Divine Mother. 

Myrrh is also a poet, photographer and a visionary/energy artist who works in many media and with sacred glyphs she "receives" and creates to assist individuals in connecting more deeply to feelings and emotions through visual and energetic experience. Visit her Meditation Tools and Art pages to view and purchase her InnerVision Heart Navigation© card deck, and all her other energy-infused art. 

Her Sacred Sound mp3s and videos can be found at:

The Very Kind Things People Say....

Here are some very kind comments from individuals I've had the honor to interact with.


"I have attended several of Myrrh's healing events such as her Sacred Sound Immersions, her Violet Flame course and several InnerVision healing sessions. Myrrh's understanding of the spiritual realm and its effect on the physical experience far exceeds any healer I have worked with in the past. During the Violet Flame course, she walked us through the written text to help our minds absorb the information and was also able to energetically pull me into resonance with the higher planes using her own being as the channel and vehicle. For me, I have always needed to "feel" to really absorb any type of understanding and this was one of the most tangible experiences I've ever had outside of my own inner exploration. Myrrh carries within her a wealth of wisdom which can be felt by merely being in her presence. Since taking her course, I have seen so many profound transformations in every aspect of my life, and I know that it has a lot to do with my sessions with Myrrh as well as my continuation of my work with the Violet Flame. I highly recommend everyone who is ready for real personal healing and transformation to work with Myrrh! <3 " ~ Mackensey - Savannah GA


“I have done both group sessions and personal healing sessions with Myrrh. Her ability to bring about the true issues that are causing both physical and emotional pain are astounding. As well, helping clear the issues and teaching me how to clear the issues myself, has really given me the tools elevate myself to a higher level. I am incredibly grateful.”   ~ J.C., Boulder


"Myrrh is such a blessing to the World! She brings forth some of the most powerful Healing Energies I have ever witnessed. She works on so many levels and dimensions of Reality, I was amazed at the multi-faceted healing I was going through when I was in session with her." ~ Christopher R., CO



"Working with Myrrh de Marmion was life-changing for me, The love, compassion and skill which she brought to our session together was one of the most powerful healing experiences I've ever had. Myrrh is a wonderfully gifted healer and channel for Angelic Healing Energy - I highly recommend her for anyone who desires healing on a deep and profound level." ~ Leigh J., Artist, Loveland, CO



Myrrh de Marmion is perhaps the most gifted psychic  healer I have encountered. Her genuine warmth, concern, and caring about each client is unmistakable. I have sought her services on several occasions and have always left feeling physically well and blessed with divine wisdom. Unlike other psychics I have worked with in the past, Myrrh was born with an innate gift to heal others. She sought further training by the finest psychics in the country, who have helped her further develop her skills. Mindy is the real thing and I am highly recommending her to anyone looking for a quality healing [intuitive]. ~ Namaste and blessings, Genevieve K., Greeley, CO


"I was at a point in making some major choices that surround the start of a new business. My [session] with Myrrh provided a wonderful and empowering experience; the exact information at the right time. Myrrh converses with the over soul, (my innate wisdom/higher self) and was able to validate the direction of my business goals. When I first saw the Sacred Symbol that represents this new business I was in love! It is so beautiful! I will be using it within the business going forward. Myrrh was able to address the chatter that was in my head. Chatter, such as; 'What is the best direction to proceed to be able to come up with the money?', 'What is the next step to accelerate moving forward?' It is truly a gift to receive the Intuitive Guidance for my conscious business and combining this with the Soul Art empowered me to accelerate the transformation. I am now moving forward by leaps and bounds. The reading helped me to become clear. Once I became clear the energies aligned, escalated and things began to happen. This confirmation of my path was priceless! Thank you Myrrh." ~Jean MacDonald, DN, Doing Business Consciously, Denver, CO





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