We are BE-ings of vibrational influence, confluence, light and shadow, multi-faceted mirrors. We are walking, talking symphonies of Sound. The wisdom of Sacred Sound takes us on a journey deep into the space of our Heart and into Peace. It re-tunes us, balances our brain waves, opens the door to deep reset. This is a stillness that never fails us, the source of Love that always carries us through.

We are wholly dedicated to creating experiences of deep peace through offerings of Sacred Sound. Creating a space of inner exploration - an energetic womb from which to explore our inner landscape from a place of love. Sacred Sound offers an experiential deep dive into the very heart of inner peace, using a number of resources that enable you reach ever more expanded inner places. What a wonderful way to balance and care for ourselves. Sacred Sound accesses the indigenous frequencies of the Heart, of love and peace and accomplish this. Brilliantly. Peacefully. Lovingly.


I rely on the intelligence and discernment of my clients and event attendees to ensure their well-being and the well-being of others by using common sense with their health. I honor everyone's right to care for themselves as they choose. You know your body best, YOU decide what YOU need to do for YOU. I don't /won't mandate masks or COVID vaxes in my work. I am not vaccinated and won't be. I had COVID, Omicron & have a plethora of antibodies. 

Below are my "COMMON SENSE" rules, which by the way are the same ones we've abided by for years to lessen the spread of contagious illnesses. By attending any live event, you agree to them. 

My COMMON SENSE Rules For In-Person Events
-If you have a fever, runny nose, cough, chills, feel overly tired or unwell, etc. within 5 days of an event, STAY HOME.
-If you've had ANY COVID vaccine within two weeks of an event, STAY HOME.
-If you're uncomfortable around others who are or are not vaccinated or masked, etc., STAY HOME. Wear a mask for your own comfort. Accusations, bashing, judgments, etc. are not tolerated at my events and gatherings.
-If you disagree, STAY HOME. This is a simple no brainer, offered with love and non-judgment.

Contact me with questions/concerns HERE.


The Power of Your Voice To HEAL


Our voice is potentially one of the most powerful personal healing tools we have to reduce stress and anxiety and soothe emotions. Why? Did you ever experience the deep soothing of gentle humming from your Mother or Grandmother? Our own voice has that power to soothe and heal ourselves, too. When we're in the Key of "LOVE."

We recognize and respond to our voice as our own. On a cellular level. It's like our own personal "tuning fork." When our voice is used in a healing manner, its sound can play an important part in our personal healing. The Key of LOVE, Baby!

Come explore the healing power of simple heart humming - audible or SILENT - and what it can do for you, and for others too.

Join me for this FREE special introduction to "Sacred Vocal Sounding." Bring your open mind and heart to explore your voice - the vast potential of perhaps your most POTENT tool for your own welbeing. You will be muted during the exercises so you will have complete privacy for FULL EXPRESSION!

You will come away with a simple practice for stress relief that you can do ANYWHERE! And you will also receive a special discount on an upcoming sound healing workshop, too.