We are BE-ings of vibrational influence, confluence, light and shadow, multi-faceted mirrors. We are walking, talking symphonies of Sound. The wisdom of Sacred Sound takes us on a journey deep into the space of our Heart and into Peace. It re-tunes us, balances our brain waves, opens the door to deep reset. This is a stillness that never fails us, the source of Love that always carries us through.

We are wholly dedicated to creating experiences of deep peace through offerings of Sacred Sound. Creating a space of inner exploration - an energetic womb from which to explore our inner landscape from a place of love. Sacred Sound offers an experiential deep dive into the very heart of inner peace, using a number of resources that enable you reach ever more expanded inner places. What a wonderful way to balance and care for ourselves. Sacred Sound accesses the indigenous frequencies of the Heart, of love and peace and accomplish this. Brilliantly. Peacefully. Lovingly.


Welcome To The Quarantine Cafe'!

Sacred Sound Soirees

Welcome to the Quarantine Cafe! We're so glad you are joining us! We are here to help you stay balanced and 'in tune' for the next couple of months as we and our beloved co-inhabitants of Planet Earth navigates the COVID-19 virus.


If you, like me are self-quarantining, sometimes you just need some TLC from the outside world!


I created the Quarantine Cafe as a tongue in cheek wave to the 3D world and viri in general, as we bask in the delicious sounds of Tibetan and Crystal bowls, tank drums and Sacred Voice. Opening the door to an InnerHeart experience for healing, revitalization, and recalibration. You need do nothing but put on your headphones, lay down and RECEIVE.

The Next Quarantine Cafe' Sacred Soiree happens:

Monday, March 23, 2020 1-2:30 Pacific; 3-4:30 Eastern

Come relax, bliss out, let go of burdens and toxic mind-melds, This is your sonic CBD calling. JUST LET GO>>>>>

   Stay 'Tuned' Coming in 2020 and 2021 ~

 ~ THE HUM and DANCE of THE SOUL ~ Women's Immersive Retreat

Experience the Sacred Sound Healing work that I offer my clients! I was recently interviewed by Sandra Miller of Bio Hacking Wellness. Great conversation! Enjoy the replay!
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