The InnerVision Heart Navigation© deck is a powerful "Heart tool" created for those "raw days" when feeling good just won't come. The messages on the cards and the pictograms help you to access a deep, clear connection to your nurturing Heart Wisdom. Its magic is in the symbols which are activators of the wisdom they represent. The suggested layout provided in the accompanying manual creates a personal Journey back to a place of self-love and self-care and just plain feel-good.

This deck draws upon the Language of the Universe - LOVE. It offers a simple yet powerful visual and energy experience with an easy, yet innovative method that helps you create an easier personal Journey into your Heart Wisdom. Mapping from your current experience forward, it clearly outlines Heart steps that can assist your movement into new, clearer energy.  

Your InnerVision Heart Navigation© deck includes: 

- a detailed Training Manual in PDF form. This is emailed to you. We keep track of all individuals who have purchased these tools and we automatically email updated manuals when they are available. (PDF) 
- a high quality red velvet storage bag

** PLEASE NOTE:  there are NO REFUNDS on deck purchases. Thank you for understanding. If your deck is damaged in transit to you, we will gladly replace it.



Experience a 40 minute Introductory Tutorial InnerVision journey that will offer you a heart-based snapshot of where you are, what your heart wants you to know and where and how to go. It will also show you with how to use this tool yourself. Choose this option from the pulldown menu of the PayPal button left. Make sure to include your phone number or email address. Then email me at so we can schedule your journey.


~ US orders only. 

~ You may gift this deck and have it shipped to someone special with a special gift card. Include "GIFT" in Special Instructions, include recipient's full name, email address and full mailing address, phone number AND YOUR name and email/phone number with your paypal payment. Deck will be sent via Priority Mail. US ONLY.


~ When current inventory is sold out, the paypal link will not accept further purchases & you will be taken to a special page letting you know this.  Your credit card will not be charged. There is a link to contact us if you would like to find out ordering status or be placed on a wait list.

Orders outside the US are not available at this time. Thanks for your understanding.

THE BIG BOGO EVENT!! WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 13 ONLY!! SPECIAL Buy One Deck Get one FREE. Limit ONE free deck set per person. Only 10 BOGO decks available. Sale will end when BOGO limit has been sold.  

Purchase your BOGO DEAL below. ALSO AVAILABLE: BOGO deal with one 40-minute Introductory Reading. Limited to 10 BOGO decks. Priority Mail charge of $9.00 plus 6.75% tax will be automatically added to the deck price below. US ONLY.


(Or until current inventory runs out)

SPECIAL BUY: All decks $35 plus $9.00 shipping and 6.75% tax. US ONLY. LIMIT 2 DECKS PER PERSON, and limited to stock on hand.

Purchase your InnerVision deck at SALE price below. You may also purchase your deck with a 40-minute Introductory Reading. Limit two decks per person, and limited to stock on hand. Priority Mail charge of $9.00 plus 6.75% tax will be automatically added to the deck price below. US ONLY.

The Garden of Inspiration© Energy Mandala Meditation Cards

Greetings, Beautiful Seeker! Created through the sacred energies of Earth, Sky, and the beauty of flowers, the intricate designs and beautiful energy of these mandalas help to unblock creativity and inspire peace. Meditate on one or more of the mandalas. 3" x 3" full color cards, each has its name in the Language of Light on the reverse side. 

- The Garden of Inspiration Meditation Mandalas cards are on CLEARANCE for $11/set (reg $22), plus $5 shipping (US only) and 6.75% tax. Please order in the payment box below. 

Orders outside the US not available at this time.

Purchase the Garden of Inspiration 15 card set. Be sure to include your name, shipping address, phone number and email to receive shipping information.

The Garden of Inspiration© Energy Mandala Gallery

Use the slide deck gallery above to view all of the Mandalas

- Full color 8" x 8" artist professional luster prints of all Garden of Inspiration Meditation Mandalas are $20 each plus $5 shipping (US only) and 6.75% tax. These are NOT ON SALE. These are STUNNING in this size, especially framed in a "floating" frame.

These prints are ON DEMAND from my art printer and they will take a little longer to receive. Please keep this in mind when you order, especially if you have a gift deadline.

Orders outside the US not available at this time.

Purchase 8" x 8" luster print of any of the mandalas. DESIGNATE THE MANDALA NAME IN THE SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS BOX See the image gallery above. Include your name, shipping address, phone number and email to receive your tracking information. 


This coloring book consists of ten Heart-centered designs, including a Creation Heart for your own design. Each heart has a special intention to help you focus on its positive theme and message.


Creating art is very relaxing. The heavy, large scale paper (11" x 17") and 'loose leaf' design of the pages makes it easy to color your way to a more loving and peaceful feeling! And frame your finished art in standard 11" x 17" frame to display.

These Hearts are all hand-drawn. There are many imperfections. But this was done intentionally. Life is too precious to take so seriously. All of these Hearts are filled with lots of LOVE!

Breathe, set an intention. Let your Heart speak to you and listen for messages as you color. These may come now or later, as feelings and emotions, memories, or chance meetings with others. Don't forget, it's okay to color outside the lines.

Colored pencils, metallic pens (Gelly Roll pens highly recommended!), crayons, work well (not suitable for watercolor or other wet media). Frame your finished design so you are always inspired! Enjoy!


*** We are Asheville local and we can meet and deliver. CONTACT ME to purchase by cash or credit card "in person". 


SHIPPING: The shipping on these decks is very expensive and strongly suggest two or more books. We can fit six books into a mailer, making Priority Mail cost effective. Email me for more info:

THE BIG BOGO!! FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 15 ONLY!! Buy one Coloring Book for $10 Get one FREE. Limit 3 BOGO SETS per person. Plus $16 shipping and 6.75% tax.


Note 6 coloring books will fit in a mailer, making the Priority Mail shipping very cost effective.) US Only.

Order BOGO Meditative Hearts Coloring Books below.  Be sure to include your name, address, phone number and email.  Note 6 books will fit in a mailer at priority mail cost.



CLEARANCE: Two Coloring Books/$15; Three Coloring Books/$20; Six Coloring Books/$35. US ONLY. Plus $16 shipping and 6.75% tax. LIMIT 6 Coloring Books per person (all will fit into one mailer), and limited to stock on hand.

Order CLEARANCE Meditative Hearts Coloring Books below.  Be sure to include your name, address, phone number and email.  Note 6 books will fit in a mailer at priority mail cost. Limit 6 books per person.

Limited Edition TAPESTRY OF LOVE Greeting Cards

Copyright © 2017 Melinda de Marmion, Creative Divine Studios. All Rights Reserved

Share the power of love with friends and family with these Limited Edition TAPESTRY OF LOVE greeting card sets and individual cards.


The Tapestry of Love Heart was hand-drawn by Myrrh with gelly roll pens completely unplanned, incorporating many hearts in many colors woven into the design. The drawing evolved over several days and Myrrh showed the finished drawing to a friend, who promptly secured the rights to use it on a poster advertising a Valentine's Day charity auction. Myrrh had several reproductions printed, which were hand signed by Myrrh and sold in the auctioned.

Another friend commented the design would make wonderful greeting cards. That idea never left and Myrrh has had a small amount printed as LIMITED EDITION, HAND-SIGNED sets of 10 cards with kraft envelopes. Each is hand-signed and dated by Myrrh.  A limited number of signed individual cards with envelopes is also available. 

Printed full-length on one side, when the card is closed, the top half of the heart shows with the words "WE ARE A TAPESTRY OF LOVE." When the card is opened the full design shows, and is suitable for display in a small frame. The inside is blank for your message.

Copyright © 2017 Melinda de Marmion, Creative Divine Studios. All Rights Reserved

THE GRATITUDE MAGNITUDE PROJECT - Sharing the Power of Appreciation

Earl Holliwell wrote, "What we Praise, Grows."  


We can get caught up in challenges and the seeming bleak outlook of our world that we become numb to the richness that exists in every second.  The intention of these cards is to create a simple physical gift to help bring awareness to the "now" and to spread appreciation ~ like wildfire!


A little gift of Gratitude....


A beautiful way to bring someone back to the present with a simple, yet beautiful, "present." The Gratitude cards are a beautiful gesture, for your friends, your grocery clerk, a passing stranger, the homeless person you see every day - everyone needs appreciation.   Give a Gratitude card to someone for no other reason than to say "thank you for crossing my path today" and watch the shift of love and appreciation spread far and wide.   


Unleashing the power of Appreciation, these cards come in packs of 10 that fit a pocket or purse, and make it easy to share the love. Cards measure 3.5" w x 2" h and come in a resealable cellophane bag. $5 for 10 cards or 3 packs for $12. Plus $3 postage (US) per order. Extra postage applies for shipping outside the US so contact Myrrh first before purchasing.

A free pack of ten is included with the purchase of a Meditative Hearts coloring book or an InnerVision card deck (see above).

Purchase your Gratitude Magnitude cards below. Be sure to include your full name, shipping address and phone number. Your order can't be shipped without this info.

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