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The Sacred Journey Through Adversity and Challenge©

This workbook was created to help you navigate the very Sacred Journey within you - through the significant challenges, difficulties and adversity we humans experience throughout our lives.

Some of these experiences may be annoying, yet we can't get to the bottom of why they bother us. And some may be quite severe and debilitating, especially for a highly sensitive person. The experience is relative to how we each experience our life, our upbringing and life conditioning, and many other factors.

I've found that it's important to experience life - all of our life - as a Sacred Journey. This keeps the Divine Presence - whatever you may call this - within our hearts as the guiding force in Life. What we create for ourselves going forward can heal the wounds of our past. Creating an easier space to resolve things is the intention of this workbook. This book takes you - the journeyer - through five profound steps - Passages - that you may experience in your healing journey. May you find this workbook helpful in creating freedom from past pain, and experiencing deeper peace, contentment and ease in your Life.

Deep BLISSings, Myrrh

Five Life Passages of Transformation Cover.jpg

Use this link to read an excerpt from this book and to purchase and download your copy:


The InnerVision© Heart Navigation card deck was "born" in 2003 and finally printed in 2009, and while it was never intended to be a "mainstream" oracle deck because of its complexity, it has served many individuals well over the years.


This deck was intended to find its way to the individuals who truly resonate with it. Over the years of using this deck, individuals have said it was ALWAYS SPOT ON in its guidance. 

It's now time to move on to a new project with these glyphs and this deck is now CLEARANCE PRICED.


Decks are now $10 per deck, or three for $25. Plus tax (NC only) and shipping. US orders only.


LIMIT 3 DECKS PER PERSON. No refunds or returns on decks.

TO ORDER: Email Myrrh at the link below with the number of decks desired, shipping address(es) and preferred method(s) of shipping. You will receive a link to a SQUARE invoice for the decks and shipping costs from which you may pay online. 

If you are local, you may arrange to pay for the decks in advance prior to pick-up, or pay by cash or credit card (via Square reader) in person.

When you purchase your deck you will receive a PDF document of the detailed manual via email. Because this deck was printed as a "short run" (small number printed), using a PDF manual rather than a printed one saves you significant cost and allows me to offer this at a very low price. You print your own manual and if you order decks for gifts, you have the option of printing the manual for recipients, or sending the PDF document to them to print themselves.



About InnerVision© Heart Navigation

There are those "raw days" when feeling good just won't come. Maybe you're in emotional pain. Maybe you don't know what to do in life. This special little "Heart tool," the InnerVision Heart Navigation© deck, was created just for those days. And for those days when you want to "check in" to make sure you are on the right track.


Based in and guided by the Divine Feminine aspect, the messages on the cards and the pictograms help access a deep, clear connection to nurturing Heart Wisdom. Its magic is in the pictogram symbols which act as energetic activators of the wisdom they represent. The suggested layout provided in the accompanying manual creates a personal Journey for you to a place of self-love and self-care and peace.

InnerVision is created in the Language of Light - the language of the Universe - LOVE. It creates a simple yet powerful visual and energy experience with an easy, yet innovative layout that helps you create an easier personal Journey into your Heart Wisdom. From your current experience forward, it clearly outlines Heart steps that assist your movement into new, clearer energy.  Deck includes a PDF document so you can print your own manual on your own.



As we emerge from a year of lockdown, many are dealing with grief, indecision, major life changes and difficulties, and a host of challenging emotions. And most of all, difficulties becoming quiet and finding connection to that deep, clear place within us that holds the answers we need. The wisdom of InnerVision© serves individuals who are unclear how to move forward and in which direction to go by taking them to that inner place of clarity.


Purchase your Journey with the PayPal button (right).


Then lick on the red Schedule My InnerVision Session in the box (right). Email me your phone number so I can schedule your journey with you. Journeys are done via zoom or conference call line, and are recorded for your reference. 

PRIVATE INNERVISION Heart Oracle Readings: Schedule a 45-minute Heart Oracle Reading.  Click the button below to email me your phone number.  I will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your reading and send you an invoice for your reading at that time. Sessions are done via zoom or conference line, and you will receive a recording of your reading via email. Sessions are $55. 


Some years ago when studying many types of sound healing, I heard of Sound Researcher Fabian Manan, a French scientist who did some fascinating experiments of the effects of sound on blood cells, cancer cells, and more. His research of a cancer cell exploding after 14 minutes of being exposed to the Ionian scale of music played on a xylophone totally enthralled me.

So in 2005 I created my own intuitive, non-therapeutic and non-scientific rendering of Fabian Maman's experiment using the xylophone voice on my keyboard and uploaded it on Youtube. In the last year, lots of individuals have found the recording and it's taken on a life of its own!


DISCLAIMER: These sound files are for entertainment purposes only and are NOT intended or warranted as treatment for cancer or any other illness. Use of these downloads and any outcome from their use is your responsibility.


You can watch the video on my Youtube channel: MyrrhHaven1111 at this link:


I made a free Ringtone (below left) which you can download below. And you can also download the full 27 minute sound file for your own meditation and experimentation. ENJOY!! Would love your comments on your experiences on my youtube channel under this video (link above) 

For help uploading ringtone to your Android, watch the youtube video here:  Sorry, I'm unable to offer any instruction on i-phones.

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