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Very Deep, Inward and Down

Sahasrara IV by Myrrh de Marmion, © Creative Divine Studios 2018

Deep in the waning fullness of the Harvest Full Moon, and soon it will be the Fall Equinox, preparation for winter and the deep sleep of seeds and streams and mountains.

Who has heard the call lately to go very deep, inward and down into the core of what is showing up in life? Do you go there, even when it may be incredibly uncomfortable, scary or completely unnameable? This past month has been very intense, maybe more so than past months. It was for me, as well, in a different way. It was very deep and intense, but it wasn’t an excavation. It was a “remodel,” a clean-up of old stuff, someone else’s stuff, of family/ancestry origin. It is an Interesting correlation that this is exactly what I am doing with my house-clearing out the former owner's "stuff."

For most of September, I have followed specific yet nebulous feelings that are familiar yet not, of a different intensity than I’ve known before, which has taken me to the flip side of difficult memories. It’s known in the science of Epigenetics that we inherit the lineage of unresolved ancestral issues. They become part of our DNA. If you happened to read my latest e-newsletter and my reference to ancestral work, I shared: “Sensitive individuals can receive and carry the grief and depression of ancestors, the land, the planet. The desire of our ancestors is very strong to heal our lineage for current and future generations. It is said that many individuals on earth now are here to heal and clear family lineages and the trauma ancestry so that it no longer perpetuates. Sometimes there is only one individual in a family who can do this work. This is accomplished in many ways, from working energetically, to halting and healing destructive patterns such as physical and sexual abuse, alcoholism, drug abuse, and more. All of these patterns point to pain, and underneath the pain is knowledge and freedom.”

Consciously focusing the breath on feelings activates grounding and impartial observation. When this is paired with vocal sounding, what I call Sacred Voice ℠, it opens up a whole new dimension of giving voice and healing expression to feelings, emotions, and memories that we don’t otherwise know how to navigate, especially if they cause us to “freeze.” This practice brings in the essence of our voice which carries the purity of our DNA and imparts this into what we direct it into. In this case, Ancestral issues are not “us,” but we become aware of what is lodged in us from a difficult experience. It may not even be our own, yet we must acknowledge it and own it to clear it. Sacred Voice ℠ gives it “voice”, a way to express pain and sorrow, fear and rage, in a safe, empowering way.

Lately I’ve brought in vocal sounding, a deep low humming vibration in my belly and womb area that rumbled and pulsed with what I was seeing and feeling. I found myself doing this in the middle of the night when I woke in anxiety over what I was experiencing in a dream.

Sacred Voice ℠ is a practice that came to me in an emotional crisis in 2003 and I have been using it and sharing it with others since then. It’s a core foundation of my Sacred Sound practice and workshops. For some, their voice is "the last frontier." But this is not singing. It's making healing sound from the heart and awareness. It’s an amazing way to ease and defuse emotions when we don’t know exactly what we are feeling. And it’s wonderfully portable and can be done silently. Yes, silently! More on that soon. I invite you to join me for a free, online zoom gathering that will lead you into this mindful, soulful, soundful practice. You can check my CreativeDivine Facebook page for these events as I post them in the next week or so. Or head to and receive direct monthly invites and news. I hope to share this with you in the very near future.

Stay ‘tuned!’


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