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The Many Layers of Surrender

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Surrender. Perhaps you’ve read articles and channeled messages about "surrendering to Source." It is so easy to talk about it, write about it, suggest it to others, intend to do it. It is another thing entirely to accomplish it. What makes it so challenging is that, just when you think you’ve totally surrendered, you find something else to step out of judgment on, relinquish control of, and surrender to. Surrendering is a many-layered journey unto itself, not unlike peeling an onion. It is a delicate balance: self-mastery to let go of everything and allow oneself to be guided; and discernment to know what guidance is from Source versus what Ego is saying.

Surrendering the Ego

When the Ego won’t budge, when it keeps one foot wedged between the door and the door jamb as you attempt to lock it in the closet, when it runs amok with spiritual scissors or swings its battle axe or has a hissy fit or yodels during church or tries to set itself on fire in a rage, when you have spent years trying to heal it, quell it, calm it, cater to it, ignore it and nothing has worked, surrender. Give it up. When the battle turns bloody and cannot be won, no matter how many reinforcements you call in, surrender. There is nothing left to do, say, or heal, there is no other alternative. Your Ego will try for the rest of your life to make you listen to its own particular brand of reason. It will continue to try to run your life, steer you in the other direction, keep you safe, keep you small and afraid of your own shadow, remind you of the many lifetimes you were beheaded or burned at the stake. Until you surrender. It will tell you that you aren’t good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, slim enough. It will show you all the pictures – maybe even a virtual slide show set on never-ending repeat – of all the times you were used, victimized, shamed, laughed at. What it won’t show you is that you created your reactions to those images, those experiences. That you had a choice in all those experiences and that you still do. Surrender. Give it up. When it all just won’t go away, just surrender.

Surrendering to the Void

Ah...The Void. The Great Mystery. The Black Hole, over which many of us have found ourselves dangling at one time or another. And if you aren’t in the cast of Cirque du Soleil and you see no safety net below, it can be quite scary. Maybe you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Maybe you are hanging on by your fingernails. Maybe there is no end in sight. Maybe there is no hope in sight. Maybe there is nothing in sight. Surrender. Let go. Free fall. Fall into the deep dark velvet of nothingness. No light, no sound, no thoughts, no parachute. Just nothing. Fall and fall and fall and fall. Notice the myriad colors and nuances of the darkness. Feel its many textures, taste its flavors. And just when you think there is no end to the blackness, you burst out of the wormhole onto the other side, the side filled with lightness and brightness and every color of the rainbow in an intensity you have never, ever known. It is there. Let go. Surrender.

Surrendering to the fact that We Just Don’t KNOW

We plan our lives by what we think we know. About ourselves. About others. About the world. About what we think matters. About what we think Spirit wants us to do. About how we think things should be. And then one day we wake up and realize IT isn’t. Nothing is working. Someone suddenly flipped the switch to “off.” And nothing we try to revive those old things works. And we don’t know why nothing is working. And we don’t know why we don’t know why. This is because we just don’t KNOW. Anything. Period. What we thought we knew, isn’t. What we thought we had, we don’t. What we thought we could, we can’t. What we thought we should, never existed in the first place! Because we just don’t KNOW. And the really cool thing is that we don’t HAVE to know. That is Source's job. The old rules don’t apply anymore. We're evolving. And when we get to that place where we can surrender to the fact that what we thought we knew doesn’t mean diddly, we begin to pull in Divine Guidance that shows us what truly IS. And we begin to allow those magnificently synchronous events to happen in our lives. We don’t have to know. Source knows. And that is all that matters. Surrender.

Surrendering to Spirit

We spend so much time controlling. We are controlling machines. We expend so much energy DO-ing things, and some of those things are mindless wastes of energy. We get in our own way and then start stumbling over ourselves. We’re like a bunch of untied shoelaces. We get all knotted up and then we trip and then we get pissed off. And instead of seeing that we are the roadblock, the ego steps in and makes it seem like someone else did it to us, and there we are: a victim (again!). If we could only get out of our own way and ALLOW to happen what wants to happen, how magical would that be? And how simple! How peaceful and full of ease and grace could our lives become? With the state of our world right now, we’ve already proven that we truly don't KNOW what we are doing, that our way only creates messes. Source knows best what to do, at all times. Source’s way is the way of our Higher Self. Source is a much better driver than we are. Source sees ALL the road blocks, all the bumps, potholes and detours before they even manifest. Better to hand the wheel over to Source and crawl in the passenger seat. Enjoy the ride. Surrender.

We can analyze and judge and spend sleepless nights moaning and groaning, tossing and turning, berating ourselves for not being this or that or the other. But when you get right down to it, in the end, we always surrender. It’s just a matter of time, how much hell we'll put ourselves through, how exhausted we'll let ourselves become...before we finally just...





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