Journeys Inward - Evolution of the Heart and Soul

Journeys Inward

Edition I/I

Soul Date 3142017


Life is a journey within a journey within a journey. Hologram on top of hologram of experience and sensation; belief and feeling; emotion and resolution. Evolution. Quantum physicists tell us that everything exists at one time – a fabric of all that is continually undulated throughout eternity. When the physical eyes are closed and the eyes of the Soul are opened, the brilliance of this Fabric we call “reality” is revealed.

Sharing through the authenticity of the Heart is the intention of this blog. My Soul's Purpose is not as a channel of energies, deities or information. Rather it is as a connector of dots on the map of the Soul's Journey. Offered as a tour guide to the Innerworld: as a Soundpost of the Soul's many truths shared as sparks of Divine Source – through its many Sacred Sounds, as a Translator of the many emotional images and energetic experiences – hopefully worthy of a write-up in your personal tour book. Through the Impersonal I AM that receives the Heart and Soul.

It does not matter if what “I” share is understood “in the head” - now or ever. On a Heart level, it may well be received, if not now, perhaps at some point. It matters little if what “I” share irritates, bothers, outrages or enrages the reader. Personal beliefs are created, accepted and purported from a level of conditioning and awareness, and they change many, many times throughout our evolution.

The Reader may be quite unsuccessful in trying to “figure out” or “wrap their brains around” what is shared here. Be still. Go within. You know this. In your Heart.

The reader is asked to receive the sharings on a Heart level as an offering of Love. Only the Heart knows its Truth. The Heart's wisdom will look for glimmers of Truth; will notice energy shimmers in your physical body-personal signposts that Truth is indeed afoot.

Connecting the Dots...

We are all Travelers in the Journey Inward, and the Heart remains the true guidepost, signpost, translator and dispenser of Truth. It regulates the physical sensations of our bodies' Intuition to serve as guides of truth/untruth – that visceral acknowledgment, clenching of teeth, flutters in the heart. Inexplicable pulls to go somewhere, do something, experience.

The MIND, however, will try to take over, masquerading as the interpreter of experiences and information, categorizing, analyzing, judging. Add to this the Fight/Flight/Freeze of our Reptilian brains, old uncomfortable/traumatic experiences which can create a groove in our neural pathways which can recreate these experiences even when outer experiences do not resemble the original experience. Conditioning...

Uncluttering oneself from the clenches of this ongoing, unresolved analysis and fully trusting the HEART is the Guide in The Journey Inward. Mastering the Mind. It is the Soul's Journey that we have been on since we were first sparked from Source itself millions/billions of years ago. Evolution grows with every trek around the Multiverse – wherever we end up. Earthly incarnation is not Boot Camp. Earthly Incarnation is the Big Time. Soul Mastery.

Here on Earth, our Soul brings to us the experiences needed for us to Evolve – to experience that which points to what is stored in our minds that is causing limitation in our external world, and to discover the TRUTH. There are many Masters and methods on Earth that dispense assistance in uncluttering receptors to the Heart. One need only feel into what is offered to know if it is appropriate, and will be effective.

There are no mistakes here on Earth – ever. There are only repeated opportunities to choose something new - “master” the Truth. “Mistakes” and other man-made words are sourced in the world of the Ego, which needs to judge and master others. Through all our opportunities presented to us, the greatest choice – the highest Evolution – are those of the Heart – LOVE. It is the mastery of self. We always know when we are in Love or in Judgment. We always have the opportunity to connect to the Heart's wisdom by checking in, asking, and listening. We also have the choice to remain stuck through fear and ego, turning a deaf ear.

Repetitive Loops

Experiences of significant trauma in a lifetime, or in lifetimes which are not resolved and healed, may be carried over into future incarnations so the Soul may learn the lessons. Sometimes trauma and the resulting patterns run so deep and repetitively toxic that they completely obscure the Heart's wisdom. These of deep anxiety, depression. Thes