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UPDATE: The Schumann Resonance and Balancing Our Frequencies

What's Going On? The Schumann Resonance and the Destructive Effects of Microwave/EMF Frequencies On Our Energy Fields

The Schumann Resonance are a spectrum of naturally occurring electromagnetic signals that surround the Earth and its ionosphere. These resonances induce brain-wave entrainment, the effects of which can be healthy or detrimental. According to various online resources such as, there is growing evidence that the frequencies of Schumann Resonance are significantly rising, and at times, spiking.

The Schumann Resonance encompasses an entire range of frequencies, which in the "normal" range maintain positive human and animal brain-wave signals by helping our brain waves maintain low stress-free states, emotional balance and sound sleep. The significant rise in resonance and the resultant spiking currently being experienced is caused by the steady increase of Microwave energy (a very-very short wave-length) in the Ionosphere by cellular phone usage and other EMF sources.

How does this affect us? When a higher amplitude frequency is introduced, we - humans and animals alike - attempt to "tune" to this increased signal as “normal. This is known as Frequency Following Response (FFR). When the difference between Delta (sleep) and Alpha waves is just 5 Hz, the results are catastrophic. Continuous sleep interruption and the resulting fatigue greatly impact our health and well-being, with the potential of causing long-term damage and the possibility of far-reaching evolutionary changes, as this electromagnetic pollution increases. (Source:

Maintaining Balance - How?

We attune to the earth's natural resonances in the same manner that a fetus connects to its mother's heartbeat in the womb. It is our natural way of grounding and of energetically nourishing ourselves, by entraining to healthy resonances that support our natural rhythms. How can we maintain a healthy frequency balance in the midst of increasing EMF chaos? Brain Entrainment, which is available in many forms, is a way of sonically balancing brain wave integrity and bringing it back into sync with our natural flow.

While there are many brain entrainment methods available, perhaps the most powerful and effective is a vocal-based tool. As humans, we are sound, essentially walking, talking symphonies of sound, down to the smallest DNA sub-particle. Disease occurs when we are “out of tune.”

The human voice is THE most powerful healing instrument on Earth – it cannot be replicated by any means, and when used with integrity and powerful intent, it bypasses the cognitive mind and balances through the power of the Heart - Love. The Heart Math Institute has researched and teaches the Heart's Intuitive Intelligence and the amazing and vital role of the heart in our lives, and how our personal energetics shapes our social relationships and ultimately affects global consciousness. Further, more and more integrative practitioners are discovering the healing power of the human voice. Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, an Integrative Oncologist in New York, incorporates chant and sound into his cancer protocol, and has written several books about healing cancer with the human voice.

When the human voice is coupled with the Generative Field of the Heart, the Force of Love, the power to heal is truly astounding, and is probably the most effective way to bring our energy fields back into tune. Heart-generated vocal sound can quickly diminish or dissolve the impact of the destructive electromagnetic and microwave frequencies on brain waves. This in turn helps to restore well-being, inner peace, balance and healthy sleep patterns. Consider it a lullaby for our energy fields.

How Do We Work With Sound To Balance?

Individuals are invited to try special Frequency Balancing mp3s created specifically to interrupt the destructive EMF and Microwave influences prevalent in our atmosphere. The first mp3, which is a Whole Body Balancer, is available free. Subsequent mps, which target specific frequency issues, are offered monthly through 2017 and are available singly or by subscription for the entire series. Details, video, download and streaming are available at!sacred-sound/c1t44

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