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The Generative Field of the Heart

Our human form, each one of our body systems, has a frequency that is innately its own, unique to each individual. The frequency is fluid, depending upon the individual’s physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being, thoughts, beliefs, etc. The use of the word “frequency” here is not referring to “notes” or sounds that we can audibly hear. Frequency is something that we innately are, what we experience as ourselves. This is directly related to the sensation of our world – emotion, thought, physical feeling - which translates to those specific frequencies that we innately hold.

When we work with frequencies specifically for “healing” and transformation there are components or “carriers” that transport the frequency assistance to the receiver. The first of these components, and perhaps the most important, is Intention. Healing Intention is carried via the Generative Field of the Heart, which is essentially our direct link to Source. Depending upon the purity of our alignment, it can come through as a very pure frequency that has the ability to resolve/recalibrate/rebalance/retune “lower” (on the spectrum) frequencies in the receiver. The frequencies are inaudible vibrational waves that are generated from the Heart Field that are created and sent through set intention, and felt within the receiver.

The “carrier” for these frequencies can be audible sounding, transmission via hands (i.e., hands on healing), light/color/form or other modes. All of these carriers - sound, light, color, form - are the mode of expression of frequency. And frequency is the Language of Creation that is inherent in everything.

As a Sacred Sound Alchemist whose “tool” is vocal sounding, that perspective will be shared for the most part from here on. In Sacred Sound, “beneficial” sounds are intended via the Generative Heart Field and are intuitively heard and created. This can be accomplished both in private sessions and in large groups. In some cases, the sounds might be experienced by the receiver as odd, dissonant, otherworldly, or uncomfortable. If the receiver can “listen” with their whole be-ing, allow themselves to go into the “sounds” and absorb them, they will take the receiver into marvelous places within, and in many cases the immediate benefits include an easing of pain or emotions, deeper awareness, and a sense of peace. Other experiences include healing of disease, a sense of “filling in” of something that was missing. What happens on a cellular level is a shift of the innate frequency to one that is higher on the spectrum.

Working with the frequency of sound or music is very powerful. From personal experience, I do not ascribe to a system of specific notes assigned to the chakras or parts of body. I experience the energy field and the endless possibilities of frequencies as fluid and different for each individual.

All modalities or carriers – using energy healing as an example - come from the same Source. As I have experienced in their use, at any given time, different modalities do different things, and work in different systems, create difference results, etc. This is due in part to the intention of the sender in alignment with the receiver, and aligned in a cohesive, specific focus. The experience and outcome is different for everyone, which is why certain modalities call to certain individuals and not others. Because Intention is also frequency, Intention is aligned with their specific need. I experience that a modality or carrier is simply a way of working with frequency. No modality is more advanced or powerful. The effect is entirely dependent upon the sender’s alignment with Source, the purity of that alignment and the Intention co-created with the receiver, and the sender’s ability to step out of control of the ego. That is why working in the Generative Field of the Heart and learning to step back and allow the purest connection to the Source of the Heart, is vital.

No matter the modality, working with frequency in an Intentional Heart Field is quite possibly the “next medicine” for our human world. When mastered, working in this space has the potential to fully encompass the receiver in Pure Intent. This creates a dynamic space of greater enhanced possibility, greater receptivity of frequencies created for healing, for transformation, for deeper peace. Individuals who are not used to or not sensitive to energy/frequency may cognitively experience an enhanced sense of well-being, whereas individuals who are more sensitive know on a deep level what is being offered and what they are experiencing. The Generative Field of the Heart is an expansive vortex of moving Heart frequency that can be created in and enhances any environment and for any positive Intention, whether for one-on-one work, or for classes, concerts, gatherings, ceremonies, etc., to positively enhance the experience.

Sharing from my own personal perspective, the Frequency Balancing Tools that I am creating sprang from my personal experience with an underlying dissonance that affected me adversely, as well as increasing reports from others of feelings ranging from being out of sorts to extreme agitation, depression, sleep interruption, and so forth. These Tools are created from the Generative Field of the Heart, with the intention to resolve the impact this dissonance has on individuals, and automatically (through Intention) calibrate to each individual’s needs. The frequencies created through vocal Sacred Sound accomplish this by “cancelling out” the dissonance with the frequency of the tool. They have the capacity to affect multiple levels, i.e., physical, mental, emotion. Because we each experience frequency differently, its effects depend on how the receiver is initially affected by the dissonance. The frequency of the Tools goes to and affects all levels needing rebalancing.

As with all modalities/carriers, the Tools do not assist everyone. However, immediate relief is generally experienced by those that it can. To experience these Tools and see if they are beneficial for you, please visit:!sacred-sound/c1t44 where you can stream them and also download the first Tool absolutely free.

Workshops on the Generative Field of the Heart are offered, both intro and the next level, that help individuals have a deeper understanding and experience of the Heart Field and how to create expansive Generative fields for profound transformation. Currently workshops are scheduled in Boulder, CO in April, 2016, and Santa Fe, NM in May/June, 2016. They are also planned on the West Coast and PNW Summer 2016, dates and locations TBA. More information is available on the Events page of the above website.

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