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Playing "In the Field” - Powerful Multi-Dimensional Healing With Sound, Energy and Frequency Fi

Within each of us there is a place where everything exists at once, where we have access to all wisdom, all experiences, all the Core of our Be-ing. Some refer to this place as Soul. It is the place where the Divine – Source, Spirit, God, the Universe – enters and infiltrates us. It is our own Inner Cosmos.

This place is always accessible. Sometimes it is much harder, if not impossible, to “go there” than at other times. But this place holds the key to all our doors, the answer to everything that is holding us back, the possibility of everything we have ever desired. It is the place of deep revealing, absolute power, multi-dimensional transformation. Because here, in “the Field” we can access and meet all of your selves. Here we come face to face with the place to do some very deep and serious housecleaning.

In this place, “the Field,” we can look closely at these parts of us that are dissonant - enter into dialogue with these parts we wish to change and powerfully resolve beliefs and outmoded overlays that keep us locked into recreating the same experience. Dissonant energy is of a lower or mismatched frequency that pull us down - first into lower emotions and then into old ways of being. I work with many people in this place, and access to it is through a deep state of meditation or emotional calm. Once there, it is a joint effort with me assisting with subconscious inquiry, sound to break up/dissolve density in the subtle bodies and raise the overall frequency of the energy field, and energy work to move out anything else of lower frequency.

Creating Frequency Fields Through Intentional Focus

When an individual experiences an intentional sound event, such as a Sacred Sound Immersion, the energy field of the space is intentionally - consciously set energetically, or “attuned to” a level that will create a higher frequency than what attendees currently experience in their energy field. How is this done? Through intentional creation with subtle energy.

What does this mean? It might be like stepping into a hurricane. Or being in an electrical storm of great power. Or a riptide. These might be extreme examples, but they are all examples of energy. And because it is known that we are energy, thought is energy, intention is energy, we are surrounded by energy that is constantly changing – energy that is really varying frequencies – these are examples of the transformational power of higher and higher vibrational states. Take a look at the chart below which shows the frequencies of varying emotions.

These emotions originate in and affect our field, which then affects the vibration we send out into the world - the vibration which affects what we are able to create in our experience. We can “generate” fields of energy through emotions. With this in mind, imagine our energy field to be that of a tube torus – a continually circulating field of vibration flowing up through our root chakra, through the center of our body via what is known as the pranic tube, and out the crown, then flowing around the outside of our body to begin the journey again. Further, each of our other chakras – sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye – are also toroidal fields flowing in a similar manner from the front of our body to the back, ever circulating. The chakras can become distorted from lower frequencies in our field. See the charts below for a good visual.

While we could enter into quite the quantum physics-based discussion here, perhaps the following excerpt will help to explain how this works:

“Consciousness naturally gravitates into the energy centres of the chakra system, but when the toroidal structure of the mind becomes cross-wired due to conflicts and illogical connections being made, then a false centre is created which we call the ego, and consciousness gravitates into it, settles there, and forms a sense of self-identity, and from that point onwards, the actions of the individual automatically enact themselves according to the cross-wired pathways that define its sense of self-identity, strengthening those pathways, and re-enforcing the security of the ego centre. Over a lifetime, that cross-wired mental complex becomes hardwired, and we end up with an entire population of people all operating from this false ego centre within our own minds, creating an external matrix of processes that mirror our internal cross-wiring, which manifests and perpetuates itself as "the system." The system can only change when we, the individuals who create and perpetuate it change ourselves, by making choices that re-wire our mental pathways and create new patterns of connections. As we change internally, the external world changes with us.” (

When an individual experiences a high frequency, consciously created field, the higher frequencies begin to create these changes explained above within the individual’s entire chakra system and energy field. An individual trained to work with frequency in the forms of sound, energy and intention can create a “container” or toroidal field of vibrational waves which have a specific purpose, and also open up and recalibrate the energy field, raise the predominant frequency, resulting in a significant change in experience on all levels. This has been proven, and if you are familiar with Heartmath, you know that the human heart center (the energetic center not the organ) is the most potent generator of healing energy – Love - on our planet. Our entire existence is created by and through LOVE, which is not the romantic feeling we have in relationships so much as an amazing co-creative frequency. Intentional sound of specific frequency – that created in the field of LOVE – interrupts deeply engrained thought processes by raising the brain wave pattern. Some sources of this include indigenous instruments such as Tibetan Bowls, gong, crystal bowls, tuned to specific frequencies. As well as the human voice – used with intention.

Fabian Maman, a sound researcher, showed how a human cancer cell exploded within 14 minutes after being exposed to specific frequencies, and a human blood cell turn into a solid bar of pure light after the donor sent it the frequency of “I Love You.” These sound waves, in turn, “fill in” the neural pathway of these lower frequency thought processes/mental complex and allow new ones to form that are based on a higher frequency. In the case of depression and anxiety, this type of sound completely interrupts the neural cycle and takes the individual into a new pattern, which translates into a different mood, whether that be contentment, peace, joy. Continued exposure to high vibrational sound can completely eliminate many of the lower mental thought processes, simply because they cannot exist in the higher frequencies. Think of a record that is playing the same song over and over again. We can get "stuck in the groove" of this song until we pull ourselves and move to a different. Further, making the sounds one is feeling oneself has even more benefit on physical and emotional well-being, as this provides an outlet for stagnant vibration.

As one who is trained to work with Sound and Energy, when I offer a group or private Sacred Sound Immersion, I create a toroidal frequency field that is automatically calibrated to each individual’s needs and comfort. This is done through harnessing the frequency of and filling it with focused intention of the desired outcome. This enables all who are in that field – “the zone” – to experience and absorb a higher vibration within their personal toroidal field/chakras/brain patterns in their own time. Most individuals will continue to experience subtle shifts in physical/emotional/mental areas for several days after a session until they settle into a predominant new frequency.

In working with subtle energy and the guidance available to us, this opens up endless possibilities. What was once relegated as a “woo woo” experience is now proven by science as very real and potent indeed, and to have vast potential on our health and the health of our planet. In our mainstream Western medical system, brilliant physicians, such as Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, are using Sound as part of their protocol for cancer. It is with much sadness that I share here that Dr. Gaynor passed suddenly and tragically over the weekend of September 12. The world will not be the same without his brilliance, however he left an indelible imprint and a legacy of "Devotional Medicine" that many physicians and sound healers alike are determined to carry on. These integrative physicians know that our natural state of being is health, and that given the opportunity, our bodies will take us their naturally. They have proven that Sound, through chant and the indigenous tunings of Tibetan and crystal bowls, etc., assists in the healing process because of its ability to shift brain waves to a higher frequency, enabling individuals to rest in “the zone” where their bodies can begin their natural healing process. An individual experiencing a group or private Sacred Sound session will experience a shift of vibration based on their particular needs, whether they consciously experience/know it or not.

I invite you to experience one of my next Sacred Sound Immersions, two of which are scheduled in Santa Fe – September 23 for the Fall Equinox, and October 10 for a very special Sound Transmission with Renee LeBeau of Ahkana. Experience for yourself the shift in your mood, ability to manifest and create more of what you want, and the positive shifts in health, decrease in depression and anxiety, and more. If you are on the west coast and PNW, watch for events there later this Fall/Winter/Spring, as I plan to spend time in that area and will be creating some really amazing events.

If you would like to know more about and learn how to use this amazing way of working, please contact me. I have two special workshops coming up on Sunday, October 11 in Santa Fe. Details and registration on these workshops at!events/c10fk

or on Facebook at

“Intro to Playing in the Field of Frequencies” – 11am 12:30 pmThis 90 minute miniworkshop is an introduction to working with Sacred Sound and Energy to keep yourself balanced and clear. No experience necessary, but if you have worked with energy before, all the better.

“Playing in the Field of Frequencies – Creating and Working with Sacred Sound, Energy and Toroidal Frequency Fields for Multi-Dimensional Healing”. This is an intermediate workshop for individuals with experience/background working with Sound, Energy, etc.

I also offer powerfully shifting private sessions by phone/skype. I have over thirteen years experience working with individuals energetically and I do this by integrating subconscious inquiry, subtle energy work, and deeply penetrating vocal sound to assist you in dissolving the overlays of what may be holding you back. You can contact me HERE for more information, a complimentary check-in to see if a session is a good fit for you, and to schedule a time.

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