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Luscious Goodies Coming to You By Skype and Phone!

The Energy is Amping Up........and Up! And UP!!

Just when we think our Bodies, Minds and Spirits can't take any further morphing, the energies increase even more. I've heard from so many that are really feeling the shifts and some are affected much more deeply than others. Sometimes energy can get bottlenecked when we're transmuting, causing pain, emotional melt-downs, depression, anxiety, and we need a little extra energetic help to move things along.

Starting Tuesday, October 7th, and through the end of 2014, take advantage of bi-weekly InnerVision Energy Clearing Sessions by teleconference, from 8:30-9:30 pm EST. These are designed to smooth out any energies - we'll work with the InnerVision Journey tools for a clean sweep of chakras and energy field to get things flowing again.

You will receive the conference call # and access codes 24 hours prior to each call. No refunds or sharing of package sessions, please.

Go HERE to pay and register

Single session - $25 - prepay/register by 5 pm the Monday prior to the session.

Package of four sessions - $80 (savings of $20). Please email to pre-register by 5 pm the Monday prior to the session

Package of 7 takes you through the end of 2014 - $130 (savings of $40). You will receive the conference call number and access code to all sessions.

Dates: Note - if you are unable to physically be on the call, you will be proxied into to the group remotely and will receive the exact same benefits as if you had attended the call 'live.'

October 7, 21

November 4, 18

December 2, 16, 30

Go HERE to pay and register


Luna Diosa Moon Cycle Manifestation Group for Women

Luna Diosa ~~ Moon Goddess ~~ is a potent directing force of Feminine Creativity, Wisdom and Power. As women our creativity, power, and manifestation are rooted in the chakras. The energies of the chakras are especially in tune to the wax and wane of the moontides, and all must be in alignment to create the flow of magic.

The Ancient Priestesses of different disciplines were adept at aligning the power of inner and outer energies to create in their world.

Moon Goddess.jpg

In this special group for women, we gather twice monthly at the significant Divine Feminine moontides by Skype/conference call to harness the power of the New Moon and Full Moon to bring our Special Dream into Be-ing. Choose your Special Dream, Vision or Project to bring to fruition as we create, build, align and realize, and pour our potent creation into the world.

Thursdays, starting October 23 (New Moon!), 8-10 pm EST, for eight sessions on the following dates:

Oct 23, Nov 6 (FM), Nov 20, Dec 4, Dec 19, Dec 31 (Wed), Jan 15 (2015), Feb 5 (2015)

$285 for the entire 8-session adventure. Registration deadline Friday, October 17. Space is limited for this group so don't delay. Go HERE to pay and register. Contact Myrrh for more information:


Private InnerVision Life Navigation Journeys are available by Skype, teleconference or in-person (Santa Fe, NM). A deliciously deep journey creating the opportunity for you to experience a significant shift - cutting edge Sacred Sound, Energy and Quantum Field Body/Mind tools help you pave the way. Jump on in to your new, significantly FREER you! Contact Myrrh directly to schedule your session.

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