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Impeccability and Knowing Truth

Here's what's come in today - for all who may find it helpful:

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"As all have known on some level, things have been shifting since the Full Moon July 12, a completion of a huge energetic cycle. The intensive energy of the last few weeks has prepared us for today. 8/1/2014 - it is a whole new day, a new doorway to enter, and our experience of energy going forward with be unlike anything we have navigated before.

Leo energy is giving us the opportunity to enter the Octave of Impeccability and Knowing Truth. Many have been working on experiences created in the area of impeccability that may have been challenging to navigate. Now is the chance to forgive/ask forgiveness, transform and take the leap. To do so may require the use of external energy for some. Pay attention to what shows up in your field in the way of experiences, opportunities and people. Take advantage of these gifts to transform, for the dense energy of the old ways has no place in the new and it will be transmuted one way or another. I'm seeing a scenario of one individual moving freely and easily in a palace of gold, and another individual being forcibly escorted kicking and screaming to the "stocks." It feels like the stocks represent the continued and intensified enslavement of old stories and resulting patterns, with resulting not so humanly pleasant (think karmic) circumstances.

Notice in your personal circles of individuals, and in government and other public arenas, the building impeccability issues. Fear is always the core. For many it is based in low self-esteem, the ways of which manifest in the physical as the need to be "in-charge;" to be in power in ways that are beneficial for the one rather than the greater good; to be the "the guru;" to be the perceived as the "evolved" leader in a community or circle. This power-hungry density is really "love-hungry" and is disconnect from Source energy.

When one is finally ready and able to choose, the opposite path is to embrace and deeply love this self-esteem and disconnect, and the misguided story and beliefs behind the actions. When this is chosen, the resources to transform appear on cue.

It is all evolution of the human and always a free-will choice of the fork in the road. It is neither good or bad but a reflection of where one is and the experience one desires next - the same result (think hamster habitrail) or a new freedom and Knowing of Self at a higher frequency.

Life is a continuing journey of letting go - of dying unto Your (True) Self - little by little by little. What is your choice to BE next?" - end of message.

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