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Quantum Healing At Your Fingertips?

What is possible if the excavation to our True Self was greatly accelerated? What could we accomplish if we could get to this in nano-time rather than years of healing?

These are the questions that are going through my head today...

If you follow my blog you no doubt have heard about the InnerVision Life Navigation card deck, and maybe you are aware of how it works and what it does. Well, I am still discovering what it does and I'm the creator!


Today I learned something extraordinary and exciting about the InnerVision deck. When used intentionally to do so, it creates a formulaic catalyst or "code" specific to an individual's needs, which automatically becomes part of the places in their chakra system and energy field. This catalyst can be activated for accelerated transformation and busting up old stories, etc.

This may sound really woo woo to some, but it's really just alchemy. The deck originates and is written in the Language of Light, which may also sound woo woo. The Language of Light is the language of Creation - it is the frequency of the cosmos. Perfection. It is our cellular language/frequency and therefore "speaks" to all energy that we embody (which is everything). It calls forth our original Divine Blueprint.

The symbols themselves are activators of Soul Truth - our individual Divine Blueprint. When used this way, they create this "code" that can be used to balance out and perfect energy in our own cellular language - which is essentially Love - based on an individual's unique cellular make-up and needs. In other words, it reads the Divine Blueprint and creates a code to fill in with energy what the individual needs to be in the state of perfection.

This makes it a Soul-based healing equation stored in our energy that can be called up and activated at will for transformation. There are individuals who are adept at working at the quantum level and can easily create this catalyst just by checking in with an individual. However, the true intention of the InnerVision deck is that it is a "teaching deck" that first helps individuals learn how to work with energy and strengthen intuition, and access guidance more clearly. Secondly, it teaches individuals to open to working at this new quantum level.

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