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Healing Cancer with Sound!

It's days like this that I am exceptionally uber grateful...

About three months ago, a woman contacted me. She had been referred to me by another client. This woman, I'll call her Betsy, had just received a diagnosis of Stage III Metastatic Breast cancer. She'd found a lump, gone in for a mammogram, then had a biopsy, then the news.

We did three 90 minute sessions over the course of a few weeks, one immediately, another one right before her consultation with her oncologist, and then another one about two weeks before her consultation with the breast surgeon.

At her appointment with the surgeon more testing was done (MRI) and it was found that her tumor was mostly gone!

In the sessions we did, Betsy came face to face with memories of childhood sexual molestation that she had never dealt with. We did guided visualization and energy work in addition to sound healing, and spent a great deal of time working with the sound of the memories, her feelings and emotions, and beliefs that she had carried for 45 years of her life around this experience. She did a lot of deep sounding into this experience. The sessions were recorded and she worked with them several times a week in between the next sessions.

What I know to be true about this is we are beings of frequency, and every belief, emotion and feeling has one. When we can give voice to these types of experiences, we can heal them. Energetically there is no difference between a cold germ and a cancer cell - they are both ways of our physical body telling us we are "out of tune."

This news came on the heals of a radio broadcast on NPR that Mitchell Gaynor, MD, an integrative oncologist, gave entitled "Treating Cancer with Healing Sound" Dr. Gaynor is the author of several books about treating and healing cancer with music, sound and voice.

I am so grateful for this experience, not only for Betsy and her three daughers, but for others that this type of assistance might help. It is heartening to know that a little larger sliver of light shines in the doorway of integrating holistic practices with current medical practices.

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