ART PRINTS of Activating Glyphs and Mandalas 

Fine art and wrapped canvas prints are available for most of the Activating Light Language Gyphs and Sacred Geometry Mandalas. Archival quality paper prints are available in two grades: economy and high grade. Wrapped canvas prints are available by quote. Available sizes are noted in the pricing chart below.  All prints are custom printed ON DEMAND.  A five print minimum order is required. No returns/refunds. Damaged items replaced with like item. 


(All are part of the INNERVISION© card deck)


As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I have always used my art and my music as avenues of hope, healing and self-love. I credit these avenues as Divine Expression and credit them above all as what helped me heal from these devastating experiences. These experiences came from several sources between the ages of 5 and 13 and finally at almost age 60 I see these as the greatest gifts and greatest teachers in my life. and this project is very near and dear to my heart.

As an artist, photographer and poet, I endeavor to use my art to offer different perspectives on life and as an avenue of activism and change in issues that are forefront in our world.

On the Fall Equinox, 2016, I chronicled the change in seasons by photographing nature at a nearby Nature Preserve here in Longmont, CO.  I was so blessed to come upon a stand of these pods that resemble the Sacred Yoni, and an idea was sparked as a pictoral way of celebrating the Feminine Essence. After the Women's Marches, and the escalating changes in our politcal world, offer these photos as a fund raising endeavor for Women's Solidarity. This is my way of using my Art as Activism. 

I offer this project as a way of being of service to the Healing, "Wholing," and Equality and Respect of the Sacred Feminine.


 15% of the proceeds from these prints is donated to local and global Women's causes, including Boulder SafeHouse, One Billion Rising, solidarity to end women's exploitation, happening globally on February 14 http://www.onebillionrising.org/, the women of Standing Rock and their Indiegogo Crowd Fund campaign for their their documentary "End of the Line" (http://www.endofthelinefilm.com/), and other projects.

Please share with all your sisters!


Each photo is a 16" x 20" quality gallery wrapped canvas with hanging wire. Purchase from the PayPal box in the gallery below. Because these are printed from a local printer on-demand, there are no returns or refunds. 

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