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The Sound Mandala Meditation Video Project

In 2016, a special Sacred Sound project was started that created monthly intuitive sound meditations. The project, called the Frequency Balance Meditation Project, worked with the healing indigenous sounds of Tibetan and crystal Alchemy bowls, steel tongue drum, koshi chimes, medicine drum and soothing vocals and chant to create sound meditations designed to help individuals maintain balance, peace and well-being during the very turbulent times of 2016-201. This was initially in response to the erratic fluctuations in the Schumann Resonance, the group of naturally occurring earth resonances, as well as the increasingly intense planetary disturbances that occurred throughout the year, as well. 

Many individuals reading this were subscribers of the monthly Frequency Balancer Project of 2016-2017. Moving forward into new possibilities, we are merging this concept with digitally created meditation mandalas to create the Sound Mandala Project, a "themed" monthly visual sound meditation video project which takes this relaxing sensory experience to a new level.

Blending the soothing qualities of Sacred Sound with sacred geometry, each video will offer a beautiful, easy way to relax and restore, find peace and balance.

See the introductory video above for a demonstration of what these new meditative videos will offer. The next free video will be available April 30. Individuals may purchase the single meditation videos or subscribe to a full year of videos at a reduced rate. Whether monthly or subscription, Sound Mandala video purchasers will receive receive an MP3 of the audio to use when they can't watch the video, a JPG of the month's highlighted mandala  for your personal meditation use plus a special private link to each video. Note: upon payment, whether individually or yearly, all purchasers agree to the User Agreement below.

USER AGREEMENT: Purchaser agrees that all JPGs, images, and music and are copyrighted and are to be used expressly for private personal meditation purposes only. Purchaser agrees images and music will not be used for business purposes, on websites, shared via email or other social media, etc. in any form without express written consent by Myrrh de Marmion and Creative Divine Studios. Purchaser also agrees that access to videos will be respected and used expressly for their private personal meditation and with immediate family members. Purchaser agrees not to share videos publicly, privately, via Social Media, or in any way with others who have not purchased access.

This project re-launches in Fall/Winter 2018

The Gallery below includes Mandalas for November, 2018 - March, 2019

Use the right payment button in the box below to purchase from this set.

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NOTE: Use the payment buttons left for 12" x 12" prints to be shipped within the US only. For local (Longmont/Boulder) orders, International orders, discounted multiple orders, and 16" x 16" Special Order prints, EMAIL HERE

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