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Harmonious Body~Peaceful Mind™ Sessions

Feeling bogged down with too much "stuff"? It's not always your stuff. It can be old stuck energy picked up along the way - from situations, family, friends. Want to get back 'in tune' and reclaim your magic?

Harmonious Body~Peaceful Mind sessions use Myrrh's powerful Resonant ReTuning® healing modality. Specialty tuning forks, sound and energy healing are used on specific energy points of your body, while an Inner Imagery Journey guides you to "connect the dots" - identify and release stuck energy, emotions, and other challenges to gently lull you back to "you." It's a private healing concert for your body, mind and spirit!

Reserve your session at the paypal link below. Sessions are done by ZOOM or conference line, or in person at a private studio in Hendersonville.

Sessions are approximately 65-75 minutes. $85 purchase your session at the PayPal link below. 

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