Sometimes you just need a 'tune up'. When you feel bogged down with too much "stuff" (and it's rarely all yours)'s all energy. Resonant ReTuning can help you get back 'in tune' and reclaim your magic.

In this Sacred Sound journey, special tuning forks being played on specific healing points of your body, while soothing sounds of crystal bowls lull you back to "you." It's a private healing concert for your body, mind and spirit!

I work with several sets of specialty tuning forks, including those tuned to the Solfeggio scale, and several forks that were specially created for me my by Harmonic Mathematician, Randy Masters, of Universal Song. These specially created forks are tuned to the frequency of the Divine Feminine, which balances both female AND male energies to their appropriate levels. Randy also created a special set of tuning forks tuned to the Sri Yantra, a sacred geometrical form consisting of nine interlocking triangles that surround a central point known as a bindu. These triangles represent the cosmos and the human body. This particular set is tuned based on 153hz which is the Divine Feminine tuning, which also resonates most closely with the tuning of Earth.

Sessions include ReTuning with appropriate tuning forks on specific nadi (energy) points on the body and in the energy field, as well as overall ReTuning with crystal bowls.

Sessions are approximately 50 minutes. Reserve your session VIA SECURE SERVER ON SYNCHRONICITY at the link below. Sessions done by ZOOM, skype or conference line, or in person at my private studio in Hendersonville

We are taking a break from private sessions. If you are interested in a session and would like to discuss it with Myrrh, please email here HERE