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Greetings and BLISSings!

Thank you for your purchase of The Five Life Passages Of Transformation: The Sacred Journey Through Adversity and Challenge

I wrote this ebook from personal experience overcoming significant adversity in my younger years. Modeled after experiencing sacred "shamanic" journeys in my own healing, this process takes you into deep inner inquiry, if you dedicate yourself to unearthing your truth. This period of time in our life journey, with so much chaos continuing and "misinformation" flourishing in our world, it's important we become the very best version of ourselves. This means digging deep, excavating, acknowledging and giving voice to the pain of our past, and moving forward. That is the intention of this workbook. May it be so for you. 


I hope this journey makes deeply profound, positive impact on your life and your healing. 


I have a ZOOM Journey series beginning in January, 2022, and hopefully creating a LIVE (in person!) series in the Asheville, NC area starting next year as well. Details about these events will be available here:


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In Deep Gratitude! 


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