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Important Feedback about the Frequency Balancing Tools

Frequency Balancing Tools, designed specifically for Sensitives/Empaths, have been available now for almost a month. These mp3s were created to help disrupt the low level frequency that seems to be overriding the Schumann Resonance and creating a host of discomfort and other issues for very sensitive folks. Approximately 14 Tools are planned for 2016, and 10 for 2017. To date, two MP3 Tools have been created and are available.

The first Frequency Balancer is the "biggie." It's the one that will get underneath the disrupting frequencies to interrupt it and help re-calibrate the energy field and smooth out emotions, etc. The first one was originally created to help Myrrh de Marmion, the creator of these Tools, bring her own frequencies back into balance. She experienced such a shift creating in the process that she decided to offer it to other Sensitives and Empaths she knew. This first Tool will always be free for everyone to download, as the intention of these Tools is to assist all individuals to experience a peaceful unaffected way of BE-ing in an otherwise currently chaotic world. Upon listening, individuals know immediately if this Tool makes a difference.

Already these Tools are making a positive impact for individuals. Laurel T. in Colorado offered the following comments: "For the past few months, I have personally experienced many changes multilevel. Even as I felt healthier overall, I was quite uncomfortable physically, especially in the abdominal, chest core of my body. My sensitivity has increased, and I have felt overwhelmed and over-stimmed just doing daily activities. I can compare this feeling-sense to a live wire being plugged into a light socket, hair frazzled out straight, etc.... It sorta feels like I've been vibrating on a different frequency than the world around me for months – like being 'out of tune' with the harmonies of a musical performance I was participating in... It's been extremely hard to find inner Balance and Alignment, uncomfortable and unsettling to say the least, affecting me on a cellular level... Some days feeling like my heart was about to beat out of my body, going so fast..... None of the tools and techniques uI sed before helped at all. My experience has finally shifted in the past few days listening to this Tool. It feels like my innards are better balanced and settled, able to just do their function and coming into a more comfortable balance. I listened 3X first day, then 1- 2X day. The effects and support received vibrationally are cumulative, my body finally able to slow down and stabilize. Each morning I am starting off in a more Balanced and Aligned space than prior day. I'm finding that daily activities and interactions do tend to amp things up again, but less disturbing or impacting, and easily slowed and re-balanced by listening to these Frequencies again. "

The second Tool was made available last week, the intentional frequencies focused on the Heart to help balance and prepare for the intense upgrades being received. Karen T. of Australia commented: "Listened to all three and just sat in the energy as it was quite late. If you want some feedback check this out.. since my birthday on 23rd January I have worn my fitbit to bed as it tracks sleep, time to fall asleep and restless periods. Since listening to your [MP3s] last night, it took less time to fall asleep and I only had three restless periods..the bulk of the night was deep sleep! Bless you Myrrh for the work you do..."

Laurel T., who has subscribed to the entire series, commented: "I like it - way different....a more finer tuning...hauntingly beautiful in my listening experience. Like it's nurturing my Soul, smoothing out rough edges."

Individuals who are experiencing difficulties with the current frequencies are invited to experience these MP3s for themselves to see if they make a difference for them. Click here for the Creative Divine Studios website. A video and additional information are available on the site, and the first Tool can be downloaded for free. Free streaming of the second Tool and subsequent Tools are available, as well as an easy subscription which will automatically deliver future MP3s to subscribers' email inboxes.

Myrrh welcomes all comments and feedback, which will be put on the website page.

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