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All painted tiles and glass on this page are clearance priced. I have three tiles left - a two-tile set and a tile that is a magnet - perfect for the fridge. See the photos below.


I am happy to say I am taking my work into a more sustainable place by using more environmentally friendly paints, and reclaimed paints and recycled materials when possible. These painted tiles and glass use recycled tiles and glass panes. Some are affixed with a hanger on the back, and a few are magnetized for refrigerator, etc. Several different types of paints have been used, including Pebeo Fantasy Paints, artist acrylics, dimensional acrylics and, of course, holographic microfine glitter. Several have been resined with Ice Resin, and others have a high gloss varnish. The natural settling of the paints, glitter and varnish may result in a surface that is not completely smooth. Some have ripples or higher spots. This is natural for items that are not resined.

I have discontinued use of the Pebeo paints and the Ice Resin because they contain petrochemicals and they have adverse environmental and health impact while wet. NOTE: There is NO adverse impact from the tiles painted with these products. They have been dried and cured and are completely safe. I have since switched solely to paints that are completely environmentally and health friendly.

These are NOT immersible in water and using them as coasters is not recommended. You can use a damp cloth to clean if needed.

Purchase via the paypal button below the gallery. If you are local within 10 miles or so of Longmont CO we can meet up, thus saving you the shipping charges. Contact me to purchase for local delivery HERE. I also have a credit card Square. I do not take checks at this time.

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