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SALE ON ALL 12" x 12" canvas wrap Meditation Mandala prints  

$32 plus shipping (Reg $45)

PayPal payment buttons reflect sale price


"Sacred Bees" Digital Mandala. 12" x 12" wrapped canvas print. $32 plus $14.50 shipping (US)


"Despacho" Digital Mandala. 12" x 12" wrapped canvas print. $32 plus $14.50 shipping (US)

Sahasrara (Crown Chakra)

"Sahasrara (Crown Chakra)" Digital Mandala. 12" x 12" wrapped canvas print. $32 plus $14.50 shipping (US)

Order 12" x 12" CANVAS WRAP PRINTS of the above featured Digital Mandalas using the PayPal buttons below. Be sure to include shipping address, phone number

and email.

Sound Meditation Mandalas

The following digital mandalas are from Set # 1 of the Sound Mandala Meditation Video Project. Ordering info directly below this gallery.

SET #1

SET #1 - Order 12" x 12" CANVAS WRAP PRINTS from the PayPal button below. Be sure to include shipping address, phone number and email.

The following digital mandalas are Set # 2 from the Sound Mandala Meditation Video Project. Ordering info directly below this gallery.

SET #2

SET #2 - Order 12" x 12" CANVAS WRAP PRINTS 

Be sure to include shipping address, phone number and email.


A Deep, Personal SACRED SOUL Connection
~ Your frequency signature through symbol and sound
~ Created through the Language of Light, your Higher Self, and your Akashic Records - "uniquely YOU" Frequency

I am honored to offer visionary glyphic symbols to individuals to assist in their personal evolution. This is the first time, however, that I have integrated the creation of personal glyph paintings with the creation of personal Sacred Sounding and I m excited by this "evolution" in my sacred art offering.


Each piece that I createis a guidepost - an embodiment of a frequency that might be missing or obscured -  but is vital, to help brings you closer to your next level of Evolutionary frequency.



How I create your glyph


We will spend some time talking about your current experience, what you desire to create in your life, situations, what might be "missing" or holding you back, etc. You may also desire this piece to represent the energy of a specific project that you want to create.


Through a deeply intuitive process, I will then connect with your Higher Self and your Akashic Records, and consult on the specifics that "represent" you, as well as those you may require for assistance.  I "see" a visual representation of these frequencies, and create the glyph for you using pastels on heavy art paper.  When the glyphic painting is done, I spend time in meditation with it.  It shares its information with me, which I then record for you. The sonic Language combined with the glyph create a complete formula for you.


Your glyphic painting is 24" x 18."  It is fixed with non-toxic fixative to prevent smudging, carefully rolled, and priority mailed to you in a mailing tube, ready for framing.  I also email you a sound file of your Sacred Voice Sounding activation.  When you receive your glyph, you accomplish its activation within you by spending time in meditation viewing your glyph, while listening to your song.  These tools are yours alone, and the Sounding may be used anytime you need to recharge.

SALE: $350.00 (reg $495) plus $15.95 shipping (US only). Use PayPal link to the right to order


Order by clicking on the paypal link below. Please include your full name, email address, phone number and full shipping address. US orders only.


Couples/family glyph/Sacred Sound packages also available - email for details on these HERE

ALTHAI'A - Myrrh's personal Soul glyph combined with digital  mandala and digital tintype color overlay
Copyright © 2014 Creative Divine Studios

Individuals have used their personal empowerment glyphs as a logo on their business card or website, or brochures.  One individual had a tattoo created of their glyph on their hand.


When information wishes to come through for the highest good of an individual, and with the representation of frequency - the symbol and sounds - used in combination, the two create a formula that anchors into one's field, which blossoms and creates an enhanced vibration.  It is frequency embodying in different forms that we cannot understand from our human perspective but its potency to assist in moving more quickly into mastery is quantum.  This new vibration moves energy and facilitates the unraveling of disharmony,  disintegrating of old that has been our unwelcome, yet many times unconscious, burden for many lifetimes.


To me, the "vision" of the glyph that I put on paper, and the “vision” I hear when creating the Sacred Voice sounding, are one. They come from the same place - Creation.  Cosmos.  Source.

Soul Glyph/Sacred Sound Activation package. For yourself, a special project you are creating, or a very meaningful gift for a loved one. 

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