Welcome! Cosmic Weft Art & Art'iFacts is a new creation and a new direction for me and thank you for allowing me to share my story with you. Recently relocated to Asheville from the Boulder CO area, I am loving my new surroundings, new mountains to experience, and am excited at the new inspirations that I am finding.


I have always loved playing with textiles and fibers. From the time I was four I was stitching together discarded upholstery samples my grandmother gave me to make little purses and doll accessories. Fast forward to after 20 years of corporate jobs in Minneapolis, and I found my niche dying and working with silks, hemp and cotton fabrics and designing women's clothing. I created a line of one of a kind, high-end women's artwear, silk lingerie and also custom decorative items for local interior design firms. I did several large art festivals, including the famed Uptown Art Fair.


With the significant economic changes after September 11, 2001, and after 12 years of fabric dying and design and a major life change, I focused on the study energy healing. My life in Minneapolis came to a close and I pulled up roots and headed cross-country to Boulder, CO in 2002. This move brought a specialized textile project front and center, one of a deeply esoteric nature that integrated with my study of energy. This and the refinement of my sound and energy practice took my full attention for the next six years.

All things change and rearrange. After a brief stint of importing vintage silk saris and kimono pieces and crafting dance skirts and purses, during a brief move to my hometown to care for my elderly parents, life intervened again. This time my fabrics, dyes and sewing tools went into storage and stayed there for the next seven years as I traveled cross country several times and finally moved. 

During this time I resurrected my previous curiosity in the very portable art of felting and it provided a very satisfying tactile art experience. I was very lucky to usually land in the vicinity of a yarn shop and sometimes farm or two that dyed their own roving. The felted pieces you see on the Cosmic Cloth and Fiber page comes from those blissful hours of experimentation and play. 



I create and work sustainably ~ using local wools from local farms, natural cloth in dying, reclaimed cloth, non-impact dyes and experimenting with plant-based dyes and paints, and at least 90% of other materials used to finish are reclaimed/recycled, that means buttons, beads, etc.

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